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Greenlit: My Boyfriend the War Hero, BBC3

My Boyfriend the War Hero (1×60′) – In July 2009, 16-year-old Vicky got engaged to her soldier boyfriend Craig, during his two-week rest and recuperation from his first tour of duty in Afghanistan.

Less than three weeks later, on 30 July, 18-year-old Craig was hit by a roadside explosive. He lost both legs and an arm, becoming the youngest British serviceman to be injured in Afghanistan and one of only three British soldiers with a triple amputation to have survived his injuries.

Despite her youth, and the tremendous responsibility she’s taking on, Vicky remains desperately in love with her fiancé and has made a commitment not just to share a home with him, but also eventually to marry him. This documentary follows Craig and Vicky in the first few months of their new life together as Craig copes with the consequences of his horrendous injuries and Vicky comes to terms with her decision to “stand by her man”.

Channel: BBC3

Producer: BBC

TX: Autumn

Source: BBC


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