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Greenlit: Tattoo Nightmares, Spike TV

Tattoo Nightmares – Real people with really bad tattoos seek the help of some of the best cover-up artists in the business to fix them.  The tattoos range from hilarious to downright disturbing, with reenactments that will show how these people wound up with their awful, ugly and embarrassing ink. The contestants will go under […]

Greenlit: Blood, Sweat and Luxuries, BBC3

Blood, Sweat and Luxuries (5×60′) – Six young British people travel to Ethiopia, Madagascar and Ghana for an eye-opening insight into the human cost of the manufacture of luxury goods. Channel: BBC3 Producer: Ricochet TX: April 2010 Source: Broadcast

Greenlit: Sliced, History

Sliced –  Documentary series that reveals how objects work by cutting them in two. Channel: History Producer: Powderhouse Productions TX: 2010 Source: Cynopsis

Greenlit: American Pickers, History

American Pickers w/t  (10x ) – Docuseries about expert antique hunters Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz who travel the back roads of America looking for treasures. Channel: History Producer: Cineflix Productions TX: 18th Jan 2010  UPDATE: The premiere a total of 3.1m viewers – History’s highest premiere since Ice Road Truckers. Source: Cynopsis

Greenlit: The Children Who Fought Hitler, BBC4

The Children Who Fought Hitler (1×60′) – which tells the forgotten story of a heroic battle to help liberate Europe from the Nazis fought by the children of the British Memorial School. The school served a unique horticultural community of former-First World War soldiers and their families who tended the war graves in Ypres. Channel: […]

Greenlit: Stacey Dooley’s Child Labour, BBC3

Stacey Dooley’s Child Labour w/t (2×60′) – Former shop assistant and Blood, Sweat and T-Shirts contributor, Stacey Dooley, is to get her own two-part documentary that explores the issues around child labour in Nepal and the Ivory Coast. Channel: BBC3 Producer: Ricochet TX: September 2009 Source: Broadcast

Greenlit: Restaurant in Our Living Room, Virgin 1

Restaurant in Our Living Room ( 8×60′) –  Hell’s Kitchen meets Come Dine with Me format in which two couples have three days and £500 to set up a restaurant in their home. They open their homes to the public, asking the diners to pay what they think the meal is worth. The couple that […]

Greenlit: Madhouse, History Channel

Madhouse w/t (13x ) – Follows the drivers and fans of racing on a Winston-Salem, NC race track. Channel: History Channel Producer: Triage Entertainment Source: Cynopsis

Greenlit: Prison Wives, Investigation Discovery

Prison Wives (13 x60′) –  This series introduces women who have fallen in love with and married a prisoner behind bars.  It examines the compassion and selflessness behind these stories of love, however unexpected.  These unconventional families provide audiences a look inside prison life and what keeps these relationships together, for better or worse, richer […]

Greenlit: House Crashers, DIY Network

House Crashers – Contractor, Josh Temple (Ex- America’s Toughest Jobs) surprises people in the DIY Store and offers them a free home-makeover. Those that accept have Josh and his crew descend on them for a couple of days to redo their living room, kitchen or bathroom. Channel: DIY Network Producer: The Idea Factory TX: Late […]

Greenlit: Pitchmen, Discovery

Pitchmen – Infomercial hosts Billy Mays and Anthony “Sully Sullivan” meet small inventors who have invented the next potential must-have product, and help them to find a market. The inventors and their inventions are followed from boardroom pitch to the filming of an infomercial. Channel: Discovery Producer: Original Productions TX: 15 April 09 Source: Cynopsis […]