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If you are already working in development, or have a lot of development experience you can still benefit from TV Mole – it is designed to make your life easier by gathering relevant industry information from a number of magazines, websites and newsletters into a single easily accessible, and searchable reference resource.

Generating Ideas

Be Inspired is where you’ll find short articles that point to interesting websites, new books, trends, multiplatform developments and exhibitions. You will find links to feature articles, videos from around the world, and interactive content. Every entry contains the kernel of a factual programme idea – what you do with it is up to you. Use this section to:

  • Spark ideas
  • Keep abreast of trends
  • Spot potential presenters or expert contributors
  • Find great characters

New information is added daily. If you work in a particular genre, science for example, you can click on the genre specific links in the right-hand column to quickly find all the posts related to your specialty.

Industry Intelligence

There is a growing database of information:

  • Commissions – scroll down to the tag cloud on the front page and click on individual channel names to see what they’ve recently greenlit
  • UK channel information including briefs
  • US channel information including briefs (coming soon)
  • Commissioner moves – who’s in and who’s out at the channels
  • Development moves – who’s in and who’s out at the indies – ideal if you are looking to hire or looking for a new job

Painless Mentorship

If you run a team it can be a full time job getting new people up to speed and just when they’re getting the hang of it, they’re off again. You can point them to:

  • Development Tips to give them a crash course in development (Development 101 articles are basic guides suitable for runners and new researchers).
  • Commissioning Tips to help  your team understand what you’re up against when you’re pitching.
  • Be Inspired posts can help producers on down time start thinking about ideas – it’s easier than starting with a completely blank screen.