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Are you new to TV and bursting with ideas but don’t know what to do with them? Or have you tried pitching your ideas with no success? Find out how to work the system and get your ideas commissioned, no matter what level of experience  you have.

Need to come up with ideas for a brainstorm? Keep an eye on Be Inspired.

Be Inspired

Here you’ll find a constantly updated series of posts on a variety of subjects – each one chosen for its potential to spark a factual programme idea:

  • Interesting video clips
  • New non-fiction books
  • Multiplatform content
  • Foreign formats
  • Links to blogs and feature articles

Click on the genre specific links to find articles on arts, science, lifestyle, history or documentary subjects.

How To

This is the place to take a crash course in development. Click on the Development Tips and Commissioning Tips to find articles on:

  • Generating ideas
  • Developing ideas
  • Writing proposals
  • Finding talent
  • Case studies of commissioned programmes
  • Interviews with people who are relatively new to the industry but have had their ideas commissioned
  • Interviews with commissioners

Articles prefaced with Development 101 are designed to demystify and explain various aspects of development for the beginner.


Explore the Pitching link to find information that will help you pitch your idea, whether you are working for a production company, trying to get your foot in the door, or going it alone:

  • How to approach your Head of Development
  • How to pitch to an independent production company
  • How to protect your ideas
  • Channel profiles to help you pitch your idea to the right channel
  • Information on channels that accept pitches from newcomers
  • How to make contact with a commissioner