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Greenlit: Find a Home for My Brother, BBC3

Find a Home for My Brother  (1 x 60′) – What happens to young disabled teens when they get kicked out by the care system? This is an authored documentary by 25-year-old presenter Amal Fashanu, as she assesses what’s available in order to help her younger half-brother Amir. Channel: BBC3 / Open University Producer: Firecracker […]

Greenlit: Life Begins Now, BBC3

Life Begins Now  (1 x 60′) – Partying, snogging, drinking – for a lot of us, college life is the best of times, but for people with learning difficulties, moving on from this special period in their lives raises unique challenges. This sensitive film spends the last few weeks of term at Derwen College in […]

Greenlit: Disabled in an Instant, BBC3

Disabled in an Instant  (1 x 60′) – A film about what happens to young people who have battled to survive a life-changing illness or injury, only to get out of hospital and find themselves facing an even bigger fight to access the support they need to live the life they want. Coronation Street actor […]

Greenlit: Wanted: A Very Personal Assistant, BBC3

Wanted: A Very Personal Assistant  (2 x 60′) – Just because you’re disabled, it doesn’t mean you can’t have fun, and if you’re disabled and in your 20s, that probably means going out, getting drunk and getting lucky, going to pubs, music festivals or football matches, or going on holiday abroad. The truth is, you […]

Greenlit: The Boy Who Wants His Leg Cut Off, BBC3

The Boy Who Wants His Leg Cut Off  (1 x 60′) – Eleven year-old Dillon Chapman from Somerset wants to have his left leg amputated. His tiny body is ravaged with over 200 tumours caused by the genetic condition neurofibromatosis type 1 (NF1). He has one of the most extreme forms of NF1 UK doctors […]

Greenlit: The Unbreakables: Life & Love On Disability Campus, BBC3

The Unbreakables: Life & Love On Disability Campus  (3 x 60′) – Studying, partying and dating – the everyday antics of students living away from home for the very first time. At the National Star College in Gloucestershire, the thrills and spills of college life are little different, except that all the students have complex […]

Greenlit: The Ugly Face Of Disability Hate Crime, BBC3

The Ugly Face Of Disability Hate Crime (1 x 60′) – Adam Pearson is on a mission to explore disability hate crime – to find out why it is under-reported, under-recorded and under the radar. Adam challenges people to question their own attitudes towards disability and disfigurement, to try and uncover the roots of the […]

Greenlit: Me and My New Brain, BBC3

Me and My New Brain (1 x 60′) – Charlie Elmore suffered a brain injury in a snowboarding accident four years ago. Now she’s going to retrace the steps of her dramatic recovery and meet other young people adjusting to life after serious brain injuries, including 19-year-old car-crash survivor Callum, avid skier Tai and fashion […]

Greenlit: Romesh’s Return Ticket, BBC3

Romesh’s Return Ticket w/t (6 x ) –  Stand-up comedian Romesh Ranganathan travels to Sri Lanka to connect with his roots. The people he meets, the places he goes, the experiences he has will all have been set up by his mum, who is sending her son on the trip she has always wished he’d […]

Greenlit: Airheads, BBC3

Airheads (pilot ) –   The format sees rival teams design, build and battle drones in a series of extraordinary locations and against a set of dramatic challenges. Channel: BBC3 Producer: So Television TX: TBC Source: BBC press release

Greenlit: Killer Magic, BBC3

Killer Magic (6 x ) –  The series, voiced by Matt Edmonson, sees five magicians compete against each other in a series of tasks, in the hope of avoiding the killer trick – a notorious illusion or magic trick from the past. Channel: BBC3 Producer: Objective Productions TX: TBC Source: BBC press release

Greenlit: Excluded: Kicked Out of School, BBC3

Excluded: Kicked Out of School (3 x 60′) – An observational documentary series with unique access to The Bridge AP Academy. The series tells the inside story of one of UK’s biggest secondary alternative provision (AP) academies which provides full-time education to pupils who’ve been permanently excluded or moved from mainstream education, from across West […]

Greenlit: FA Cup’s 50 Greatest Moments, BBC3

FA Cup’s 50 Greatest Moments  (1 x 120’) – Former England captain Rio Ferdinand and pop star Olly Murs count down the FA Cup’s 50 greatest moments. A look back at the most celebrated, most shocking, most memorable moments from the greatest domestic Cup competition in the world. With contributions from Cup heroes Thierry Henry, […]

Greenlit: No Place for a Girl, BBC3

Stacey Dooley: No Place for a Girl (2 x 60’) – In Britain today the biggest worries for young women are their weight, their salary and the state of their relationship. But in other parts of the world it’s a very different story. Murder, kidnapping and sexual exploitation are daily hazards for millions of girls […]

Greenlit: Extreme at 18, BBC3

Extreme at 18  w/t (1 x 60’) –  Young people have stopped voting in their droves, as they’re increasingly taking politics into their own hands – from closing down power stations and fracking companies to occupying flagship stores of major retailers. This film follows a number of young activists into their secretive worlds as they […]

Greenlit: Tyger Takes On, BBC3

Tyger Takes On (2 x 60’) – Tyger Drew-Honey tackles two new subjects: sexuality and the battle of the sexes. Tyger is part of the first generation to have free rein and unprecedented access to go and explore sexuality in all its shapes and sizes without having to conform to the neat box categories of […]

Greenlit: Reggie Yates: Extreme Russia, BBC3

Reggie Yates: Extreme Russia w/t (3 x 60’) –  In this new series of films, Reggie Yates travels to Russia to look at the lives of three very different sets of young Russians: gay men and women in St Petersburg; extreme ultranationalists in Moscow, and would-be supermodels in Siberia, and tries to get a handle […]

Greenlit: Magna Carta 2.0, BBC3

Magna Carta 2.0 (1 x 60′) – Comedian Jolyon Rubinstein believes young people have lost their trust in and respect for politicians. The Scottish independence referendum galvanised youth engagement in politics in Scotland like never before, and Jolyon wants to inject real energy into politics in the rest of the UK. With 2015 being the 800th […]

Greenlit: Don’t Stop Me Now, BBC3

Don’t Stop Me Now  w/t  (1 x 60′) –  An outstanding musical talent puts together a band and hits the road. He’s already a star of the burgeoning disabled music scene; can he become the first disabled artist to cross over to the mainstream of popular music? Channel: BBC3 Producer: Oxford Film & Television TX: TBC Source: […]

Greenlit: Epilepsy and Me, BBC3

Epilepsy and Me  w/t  (1 x 60′) –  What happens when people can’t see your disability? It’s hidden and only becomes apparent on occasions, catching you unaware when you’re walking down the street, in a classroom, at a party or on a date. ‘Epilepsy And Me’ is a character-driven observational documentary following a small group of […]

Greenlit: Tom Felton: Meet the Fanatics, BBC3

Tom Felton: Meet the Fanatics  w/t  (1 x 60′) –  In November 2014 Tom Felton (Draco Malfoy, Harry Potter) will be in the midst of Convention season heading to Tulsa to attend one of the world’s largest film and TV cult festivals Wizard World and on this side of the Atlantic attending Comic Con at Birmingham’s […]

Greenlit: The Ugly Face of Disabled Hate Crime, BBC3

The Ugly Face of Disabled Hate Crime  w/t  (1 x 60′) –  Adam Pearson has Neurofibromatosis – a genetic condition that causes non-cancerous tumours called Fibromas to grow along his nerve endings. Whilst these can grow anywhere, most of Adam’s have grown on his face, causing severe disfigurement. Despite undergoing 31 operations the 29-year-old still has […]

Greenlit: Belts in Barry, BBC3

Belts in Barry w/t  (1 x 60′) –  This one-off is about the most important time in the life of the up-and-coming Welsh boxer Lee Selby. Lee comes from Barry Island and was brought up by his father not to expect any favours. But after a life of adversity Lee is now one fight away from […]

Greenlit: Hidden Homeless, BBC3

Hidden Homeless w/t (1 x 60′) – Documentary that explores the problem of homelessness in south-west England through the eyes of a director who has been in the same situation. Channel: BBC3 Producer: Drummer Television TX:  TBC Source: Broadcast

Greenlit: Life is Toff, BBC3

Life Is Toff    (6 x 30′) – A comedy factual entertainment series about a family. But a family like no other. The Fulfords – masters of the 3000-acre Great Fulford estate in rural Devon – are Britain’s most chaotic and loveable aristocrats. And now there’s a new generation coming of age – four young adults struggling with the […]

Greenlit: My Baby, BBC3

My Baby   (1 x 60′) –  A drama documentary of a disabled couple’s struggle to keep their baby. Viewers will question their own prejudices and beliefs on an issue of huge significance, both for the disabled community and for society as a whole. Channel: BBC3 Producer: BBC TX: TBC Source: BBC press release

Greenlit: The Boy Who Wants To Cut His Leg Off, BBC3

The Boy Who Wants To Cut His Leg Off   (1 x 60′) –  Dillon Chapman from Somerset wants to have his left leg amputated. For him and his parents this is a difficult decision, but for them it’s the only course of treatment for a condition that is stripping Dillon of any childhood. Born with one of […]

Greenlit: Amal Fashanu: Where Is A Home For Amir? BBC3

Amal Fashanu: Where Is A Home For Amir?   (1 x 60′) – What happens to young disabled teens when they get kicked out by the care system? This is an authored documentary by 25-year-old presenter Amal Fashanu, as she battles to help her younger half-brother Amir. Channel: BBC3 Producer: Firecracker TX: TBC Source: BBC press release

Greenlit: The Truth About Becoming Disabled, BBC3

The Truth About Becoming Disabled  (1 x 60′) – Follows follows newly disabled young people through their recovery process in order to showcase how physical and mental hardships are made all the worse by systemic failings of disability support in the UK. Hosted by Peter Mitchell, former sportsman and actor. Channel: BBC3 Producer: BBC TX: TBC Source: BBC press release

Greenlit: My Broken Brain: Britain’s Secret Disability, BBC3

My Broken Brain: Britain’s Secret Disability  w/t (1 x 60′) – Follows Charlie Elmore, a young victim of a brain injury, as she retraces her story. From the snowboarding accident that led to her injuries, to the life-and-death drama of hospital and rehabilitation, through to the reality of what it’s now like living with a brain injury. This […]

Greenlit: The Three Musketeers, BBC3

The Three Musketeers  w/t (1 x 60′) – The harsh reality is that in mainstream society a young disabled person is more likely to sink than swim. No home, no job, no future, no hope. But the fortunate 250 students at Derwen College in Shropshire, the largest and oldest specialist residential college in Britain for 16-25 year olds […]

Greenlit: Personal Services, BBC3

Personal Services  (2 x 60′) – The ultimate rite of passage for a young person is becoming independent. That means moving out to live alone or with friends, not having to rely on or answer to parents and generally being able to do whatever you want, whenever you want. But for over 300,000 young people who have […]

Greenlit: The Totally Senseless Gameshow, BBC3

The Totally Senseless Gameshow   (1 x 30′) –  Martin Dougan and a cast of non-disabled teams and celebrity guests, push boundaries and play with taboos in this humorous, tongue in cheek mock gameshow. Channel: BBC3 Producer: Roughcut Television TX: TBC Source: BBC press release

Greenlit: The World’s Worst Place to be Disabled, BBC3

The World’s Worst Place To Be Disabled  (1 x 60′) – Journalist and disabled rights activist Sophie Morgan has been in a wheelchair since a car accident when she was 18. Overnight her life changed dramatically and the future she had planned disappeared. Ten years on, Sophie believes that she is more fulfilled since her accident. She […]

Greenlit: Disability High, BBC3

Disability High (3 x 60′) – Studying, partying and dating – the everyday antics of the 2014 student. The scene in classrooms, common rooms and student bars is the same up and down the country, and National Star College in Cheltenham is little different. Except that all the students are disabled. This ground-breaking new series follows a stand-out […]

Greenlit: Human Tissue Squad

Human Tissue Squad (2 x 60′) – Documentary that examines the work of the team of doctors and scientists who co-ordinate the donation of human tissues from the NHS Blood and Transplant’s national human tissue bank, which is based in Liverpool. Channel: BBC3 Producer: True Stories Productions TX: 1st September 2014 Source: Broadcast

Greenlit: Oscar Pistorius: The Truth, BBC3

Oscar Pistorius: The Truth (1 x 60′) – Reeva Steenkamp was shot to death on Valentine’s Day 2013, after locking herself inside a toilet cubicle at the home of Oscar Pistorius. Pistorius pleads not guilty to a charge of premeditated murder, claiming he fired in an effort to protect her and himself against an intruder. On Friday […]

Greenlit: Tulisa: The Price of Fame, BBC3

Tulisa: The Price of Fame (1 x 60′) – Documentary following singer Tulisa Contostavlos as she copes with her arrest on drugs charges and subsequent acquittal following revelations that she was entrapped by a reporter posing as a film producer. Channel: BBC3 Producer: Shiver TX: 28th July 2014 Source: Broadcast

Greenlit: The Fulfords: Life is Toff, BBC3

The Fulfords: Life is Toff w/t (6 x ) – Obs doc series that follows a potty-mouthed aristocratic family who are trying to raise  the funds to save their family estate from crumbling. Channel: BBC3 Producer: Oxford Film & Television TX: TBC Source: Broadcast

Greenlit: Glasgow Girls, BBC3

Glasgow Girls  (1 x 60′) – A factual and musical drama that tells the inspirational true story of a group of schoolgirls whose petition to save their friend from deportation inspired a movement, which would eventually help change immigration practices in Scotland. When 15-year-old Agnesa Murselaj, a Roma from Kosovo, and pupil at Glasgow’s Drumchapel […]

Greenlit: I Survived a Zombie Apocalypse, BBC3

I Survived a Zombie Apocalypse (7 x 60′) –  In a unique, new twist on the reality game show, this series takes a group of contestants and putting them through a zombie apocalypse. Eight contestants begin an apocalyptic adventure trapped together in a shopping mall, surrounded by the walking dead. The contestants must live by their wits, make […]

Greenlit: Nick Helm’s Heavy Entertainment, BBC3

Nick Helm’s Heavy Entertainment (6 x 30′) –  A fast-paced variety show with stand-up, sketches, audience interaction, songs, poetry, jokes, and everything else he can muster. Each week, comedian and musician Helm and his band explore “heavy issues” and set the world to rights, putting aside his personal struggles to entertain the nation. The series promises a […]

Greenlit: Eye of the Tyger, BBC3

Eye Of The Tyger  w/t (3 x 60′) – Cuckoo and Outnumbered star Tyger Drew Honey turns detective as he tours the UK, reporting on issues affecting young people in Britain today. Across three shows, Tyger explores the issues of pornography; relationships and dating; and body image. As one of the first generation to have […]

Greenlit: Bangkok Airport, BBC3

Bangkok Airport (6 x 60′) – Bangkok airport, the gateway to South-East Asia, is a thriving, bustling hub of excitement and anticipation, of pale arrivals to tanned departures and everything in between. BBC Three has gained unparalleled access to all aspects of the airport in this thrilling six-part series which sees young Brits passing through to […]

Greenlit: The Unit, BBC3

The Unit (4 x 60′) – The Bridge AP Academy in West London is one of the UK’s biggest Pupil Referral Units, taking in pupils who’ve been permanently excluded or moved from schools from across West London. For many, this is a chance to get their lives back on track. If they can still get […]

Greenlit: Russell Brand: Give It Up, BBC3

Russell Brand: Give It Up  (1 x 60′) – Following on from his critically acclaimed documentary From Addiction To Recovery, Russell has spent the last 18 months finding out more about addiction treatment around the globe, and investigates how we might best improve treatment for addicts in the UK. The film sees Russell concentrate on […]

Greenlit: Stacey Dooley: New Drugs Frontiers, BBC3

Stacey Dooley: New Drugs Frontiers w/t (3 x 60′) – Across the world there’s a cat and mouse battle being fought between drug traffickers and law enforcement, and in this brand-new series, Stacey Dooley goes to the heart of this ongoing war. Despite global efforts to crack down on the drugs trade, new and more powerful […]

Greenlit: The Orchestras, BBC3

The Orchestras (6 x ) – Shines a light on the rarely seen world of classically trained young musicians as they look to establish themselves in one of the country’s most competitive industries. The public will be able to engage with the musicians via a dedicated social media offering to accompany the series. Channel: BBC3 […]

Greenlit: Killer Magic, BBC3

Killer Magic w/t (6 x ) – A brand-new programme in which five young magicians compete against each other in a series of tasks, in the hope of avoiding having to face a killer trick – a notorious illusion or magic trick that has jeopardised the lives of those who have tried to perform it throughout history. […]

Greenlit: South Side Story, BBC3

 South Side Story (6 x ) – –  All the world is a stage and the cast really are the players, as budding dancers, singers, and performers from the streets of South London star in a  series that follows their real lives as well as showcasing their talents as performers. The series is the first to […]

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