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In Development: Untitled Kevin Pereira Project, truTV

Untitled Kevin Pereira Project w/t  –  Host Kevin Pereira has a searing passion for games, gadgets and exploring every questionable corner of the internet. This new series will let viewers experience how amazing the future will be before it arrives, while celebrating the absurdity of everything that has led to right now.   Channel: truTV Producer: […]

In Development: Untitled Hari Kondabolu Pilot, truTV

  Untitled Hari Kondabolu Pilot w/t  – Comedian Hari Kondabolu uses his incisive and critical brand of comedy to skewer all things politics and pop culture in this weekly, satirical series. From Columbus Day to the death of high school reunions to the United States’ soon-to-be white minority, Kondabolu isn’t afraid to go there, and uses a variety […]

Greenlit: The Problem with Apu, truTV

  The Problem with Apu w/t (1 x 90′) –  Comedian Hari Kondabolu, the creator and star of this feature-length documentary, confronts his long standing “nemesis” Apu Nahasapeemapetilon – better known as the Indian convenience store owner on The Simpsons. Through this comedic cultural exposé, Kondabolu questions how this controversial caricature was created, burrowed its […]

Greenlit: Lifescaping, truTV

Lifescaping w/t (13 x 30′)  – Aguide to all those real-life skills you’re expected to know but no one ever taught you – things like how to get a bartender’s attention, the best ways to go on a road trip and determining when lying is the right thing to do. Hosts Matthew Latkiewicz and Abbi […]

Greenlit: Jon Glaser Loves Gear, truTV

Jon Glaser Loves Gear (10 x 30′)  – In this new hybrid comedy series, actor and comedian Jon Glaser (Trainwreck, Parks and Recreation, Girls) endeavors to make a docu-series about his life revolving around one of his biggest passions… gear.  Ironically, however, it is this ever-growing gear obsession that continually threatens to derail the show. […]

Greenlit: Greatest Ever, truTV

Greatest Ever (6 x 30′)  – A fast-paced, informative and fun pop-culture comedy countdown show hosted by comedian Amanda Seales that takes viewers through the “do’s” and “don’ts” of topics like weddings, animal videos, sports, politicians and awesomely, unintentionally funny inventions, infomercials and products. Channel: truTV Producer: Meetinghouse Productions TX: 5th July 2016 Source: truTV […]

Greenlit: Santas in the Barn, truTV

Santas in the Barn (8 x 60′) – Ten Santa enthusiasts come together for a television event that incorporates Christmas traditions from around the world to try to decide who is the best Santa. Channel: truTV Producer: Half Yard Productions TX: 2nd December 2015 Source: truTV press release

Greenlit: Kings of Cue, truTV

Kings of Cue w/t (10 x 60′) – Introduces viewers to the big characters, high stakes, and cutthroat competition in New York City’s pool halls — where the world’s best sharks come to win money and talk trash at the tables. Channel: truTV Producer: Pilgrim Studios TX: TBC Source: truTV press release

Greenlit: Inside Iconic Comedy, TruTV

Inside Iconic Comedy (8 x ) – Documentary anthology series delivering a first-hand account of the funniest movies ever made. Each episode takes us behind the scenes of creating these infamous films, driven by the oral histories from the casts and crews. Channel: TruTV Producer: Left/Right TX: 29th February 2015 Source: TruTV press release (via The […]

Greenlit: 10 Things, TruTV

10 Things (10 x 30′) – Stand-up comedian Jamie Lee (Girl Code, Ridiculousness, Conan) takes the listicle to a new level with this combo of irreverent commentary and cutting-edge visuals. The result is a comedic countdown packed with surprising and buzz-worthy facts presented with a unique point of view. Channel: TruTV Producer: R83 Productions / […]

Greenlit: Almost Genius, TruTV

Almost Genius ( 12 x 30′)  A self-contained, half-hour comedy series that celebrates the people, places and things that try so hard to succeed but come up just a bit short. Hosted by April Richardson and Chris Fairbanks, the show features comedians and performers digitally inserted into viral videos to comment on and congratulate people […]

Greenlit: Super Into, truTV

Super Into – (12 x 30) – Kevin Pereira meets celebrities who have a  particular passion and uncovers the psychology behind people’s obsessions. Channel: truTV Producer: Matador TX: 26th October 2015 Source: Multichannel News

Greenlit: The FXFL, truTV

The FXFL w/t (pilot) –  When it comes to football, the FXFL is keeping the dreams alive for a talented and hungry crop of NFL hopefuls. This high-octane docu-series will follow the players on the Brooklyn Bolts as they fight their way through the 2015 season and, and more importantly, hope to get a mid-season call to play on Sundays. Channel: […]

Greenlit: MaryJanes, truTV

MaryJanes w/t (pilot) – This fascinating docu-series will follow a family weed distribution business in Washington state run by four women along with their parents, grandparents and brother. Channel: truTV Producer: Pilgrim Studios TX: TBC Source: truTV press release

Greenlit: Smartface, truTV

Smartface w/t (pilot) – In this guerilla-style game show, contestants must choose random people in a public place – based solely on their appearance – to answer questions on their behalf. Channel: truTV Producer: Alevy Productions / CORE Media Group TX: TBC Source: truTV press release

Greenlit: Tom Segura & Christina Pazsitsky Project, truTV

Tom Segura & Christina Pazsitsky Project w/t (pilot) – Tom Segura and Christina Pazsitzky’s pilot is about the two married comedians making the next big transition in their life – from broke and partying in their 20’s – to financially stable and juggling real adult responsibilities in their 30’s.  The couple’s weekly podcast is featured in the show as they attempt to acclimate to their […]

Greelit: Jake and Amir, truTV

Jake and Amir (pilot) – Jake Hurwitz & Amir Blumenfeld, the creators and stars of CollegeHumor’s long-running weekly series that bears their names, have written and starred in more than 800 videos, which have garnered almost a billion views since the show’s inception. Now they’re bringing their irreverent buddy comedy to television for the first […]

Greenlit: The Driver’s Seat, truTV

The Driver’s Seat w/t (12 x 30′) –  Hits the road to see what people really dish about in the comfort of their cars. In the series, navigation devices provide talking points for the driver and passengers, who engage in funny conversation, hilarious moments and the occasional outburst of road rage. Channel: truTV Producer: Original […]

Greenlit: Adam Ruins Everything, truTV

Adam Ruins Everything (11 x 30′) –  Host Adam Conover employs a combination of comedy, history and science to dispel widespread misconceptions about everything we take for granted. A perfect blend of entertainment and enlightenment, Adam Ruins Everything is inviting, fast-paced and, above all, smart. Adam is like that friend who knows a little bit too much about everything […]

Greenlit: Frameless, TruTV

Frameless (8 x ) – Prank show meets sketch show, in which improv comics mimic being contestants on a range of reality shows, to the confusion of the one real contestant. Channel: TruTV Producer: Electus / Entertainment One TX: TBC Source: Realscreen

Greenlit: Kings of Cue, truTV

Kings of Cue w/t (10 x 60′) – Introduces viewers to the big characters, high stakes, and cutthroat competition in New York City’s pool halls — where the world’s best sharks come to win money and talk trash at the tables. Channel: truTV Producer: Pilgrim Studios TX: TBC Source: truTV  press release

Greenlit: Medicine Man, truTV

Medicine Man w/t (pilot) – Follows the family dynasty behind the Medicine Man Marijuana Dispensary in Colorado. On the outskirts of Denver in a nondescript industrial park is Medicine Man, a seemingly ordinary family business that just happens to be one of the leaders in the state’s gigantic new legal marijuana industry. No one really knows much […]

Greenlit: Barmageddon, truTV

Barmageddon – A high-stakes bar competition series with a twist. Channel: truTV Producer: ITV Studios / Gaspin Media TX: 29th October 2014 Source: truTV press release

Greenlit: Hair Jacked, truTV

Hair Jacked – In this hilarious ambush game show, host Jon Gabrus (CollegeHumor Originals) and his gang of accomplices take over a real, working hair salon. They then proceed to ambush unsuspecting clients with a bunch of lively, twisted pop-culture games. While stylists shape up their ‘do, contestants compete for up to $10,000. But they better be careful: […]

Greenlit: Hack My Life, truTV

Hack My Life  (10 x 30′) – A weekly themed show that provides a comedic spin on the never-ending supply of everyday life hacks. Hosted by Kevin Pereira (Pointless Podcast) and Brooke Van Poppelen (John Oliver’s NY Stand Up Show) this new series demonstrates step by step how to incorporate eye popping shortcuts and cheats guaranteed to save today’s busy adults a lot of time, effort […]

Greenlit: Kart Life, truTV

Kart Life  (10 x 60′) – A mix of high-speed and high-stakes as it takes viewers into the fascinating world of kart racing. The series follows kart-racing kids – along with their parents in the pits – as they go full throttle in pursuit of the racing holy grail: landing a national ranking and a […]

Greenlit: Branson Famous, truTV

Branson Famous w/t  (12 x 30′) – This “reality musical” and goes behind the scenes of the longest-running variety show in Branson, Mo. With the backdrop of decades-old feuds, burning jealousies, and sequined costume changes, the Mabe family takes their landmark legacy, “The Baldknobbers Jamboree,” very seriously. But the Mabes are in danger of losing […]

Greenlit: The Shake Up, truTV

The Shake Up  (8 x 60′) – A fun competition series that seeks to settle once and for all which bar owner has the best recipe for success. In each episode, comedian Mo Mandel (Comedy Central: Presents) travels to a different city and pits two bar owners against each other. The goal is to see […]

Greenlit: Fake Off, truTV

Fake Off   (8 x ) –An original entertainment format featuring teams of performers who recreate and reimagine iconic moments in pop culture. A captivating mix of Kabuki theatre, acrobatics, dance, costume and illusion, it is a highly visual talent competition series like nothing you’ve ever seen. For the first time ever, these colorful and creative teams will compete […]

Greenlit: Local News, truTV

Local News  w/t  (8 x ) – When a spunky young reporter from Connecticut lands her first big job in a small-town news market, an unexpected shake-up occurs. Local News follows a group of local anchors as they compete for the top spot in the game. The character-driven docu-soap will spotlight the playful – and at times cut-throat – […]

Greenlit: Way Out West, truTV

Way Out West (12 x ) – Takes viewers inside the Idaho backcountry, where three charismatic families are engaged in a rivalry in the outfitting business that has gone on for 150 years. Channel: truTV Producer: Rogue Atlas Productions / Lionsgate Television TX: 21st July 2014 Source: truTV press release

Greenlit: The Carbonaro Effect, truTV

The Carbonaro Effect  w/t  (25 x ) – Follows comic magician Michael Carbonaro as he uses his skills to trick, amaze and amuse an unsuspecting public. Channel: truTV Producer: Fields Entertainment and 11 Television TX: 15th May 2014 Source: truTV press release

Greenlit: Motor City Masters, truTV

Motor City Masters (10 x 60′) –  Fasten your seatbelt. The search is on for America’s next great car designer.  Hosted by Brooke Burns (Baywatch, Melrose Place), the series  brings together 10 experienced designers, with various specialties and backgrounds, all of whom share a passion for car design. In each episode, the contestants will have […]

Greenlit: The Safecrackers, truTV

The Safecrakers (6 x 30′) – A new unscripted series that introduces viewers to a pair of Alabama locksmiths who specialize in opening even the toughest of vaults. The series follows expert safecracker Phil Crawford and his best buddy Blaze as they travel the country determined to unravel the mysteries and unlock the secrets lurking in lost and abandoned safes. Phil, Blaze and […]

Greenlit: Undercover Magic, truTV

Undercover Magic w/t (12 x ) – What happens when you combine a mind-blowing magician with an insatiable practical joker?  Michael Carbonaro is a magician by trade, but a prankster at heart. In this new series, Michael performs baffling tricks on unsuspecting people in everyday situations, all caught on hidden camera. Posing as an ordinary bartender […]

Greenlit: Kentucky Bidders, truTV

Kentucky Bidders –  Follows the happenings at Sammie’s Auction, a colorful auction house in Corbin, Ky. This family-owned business buys rare and sometimes outrageous items during the week and then sells them off on weekend nights. Sammie, his family and his madcap employees will buy or sell just about anything: wedding dresses, live animals, condominiums, antique […]

In Development: Mind Games, truTV

Mind Games w/t  (Pilot) –  Everybody wins when hypnotist and host Will Miner takes total control of unsuspecting people and gets them to compete on a game show in which they don’t even know they are players. Channel: truTV TX: TBC Source: truTV press release

In Development: Barnstormers, truTV

Barnstormers w/t  (Pilot) –  There’s big money to be found in barns across the Southern states of the USA. This show follows teams of experts who bid on and buy old barns hoping to make a fortune off of the contents and the actual wood. The only problem is they can’t go inside before they make an […]

In Development: Cold Hard Catch, truTV

Cold Hard Catch  (Pilot) –  Operating off of 20-mile-wide Lake Mille Lacs, ice-fishing resort owner Daron Stenvold has just ten weekends a year to make enough money to keep his business afloat. He and his team of “ice guys” juggle the challenges of running almost an entire business on frozen water. Giant cracks in the ice, unprecedented […]

In Development: Laugh Truck, truTV

Laugh Truck  (Pilot) –  A comedic game show in which three friends compete against each other as they ride in the back of a moving truck. To win, they must perform hilarious challenges whenever the truck comes to a stop. They know exactly what jaw-dropping dare they have to attempt, but they have no idea where […]

In Development: Payback With Trevor Moore, truTV

Payback with Trevor Moore  (Pilot) –  In his new hidden camera prank show, comic host Trevor Moore (Whitest Kids You Know) brings his unique and hilarious POV to the genre: he gives folks the chance to get a little light-hearted revenge on a friend/relative/significant other who has it coming. Channel: truTV Producer: Funny or Die TX: TBC Source: truTV press release

In Development: Turbulence, truTV

Turbulence  (Pilot) –  A truly outrageous game show in the sky. As contestants fly from one location to another, they must complete a variety of challenges. Every successful challenge banks money for a big weekend blowout in Las Vegas. And every failure makes the flight a little bit bumpier. Channel: truTV Producer: Alevy Productions / FremantleMedia North […]

Greenlit: Cash Dome Pawn, truTV

Cash Dome Pawn  (6 x 30′) –  Features one of the wildest and most outrageous pawn shops in the country, the Cash Dome, run by Josh “White Boy” Gallander. From dealing with disruptive clientele to negotiating with housewives and businessmen, White Boy, his brother Josh and their overwhelmed dad certainly have their hands full. Channel: truTV Producer: 51 Minds […]

Greenlit: Panic Button, truTV

Panic Button (12 x 30′) – Would you completely panic if you had to make it thru a haunted house that not only knows your deepest fears, but also talks to you? That’s what the contestants will face on this new challenge show that will find out who’s bold enough to move forward or scared enough to hit […]

Greenlit: Big Sam’s Kentucky Auction, truTV

Big Sam’s Kentucky Auction  w/t  (6 x 30′) –  This  series follows the happenings at Sammie’s Auction, a colorful auction house in Corbin, Ky. This family-owned business buys rare and sometimes outrageous items during the week and then sells them off on weekend nights. Sammie, his family and his madcap employees will buy or sell just about […]

Greenlit: Upload With Shaquille O’Neal, truTV

Upload with Shaquille O’Neal w/t (10 x ) – A new series starring basketball superstar and TNT NBA analyst Shaquille O’Neal. Each week, Shaq and his comic friends Gary Owen (Think Like a Man), who hosts the series, and Godfrey (The Mr. Men Show), along with a special guest, will scour the internet looking for […]

Greenlit: Combat Pawn, TruTV

Combat Pawn (aka Hardcore Pawn: Fort Bragg) (7 x ) – Offers a very different look at the pawn business, focusing almost entirely on weapons and military equipment. The series takes viewers behind the scenes at a truly unique pawn store, Guns Plus. Located next to the legendary military base, Guns Plus is staffed by […]

In Development: Guinness World Records Gone Wild, truTV

Guinness World Records Gone Wild (1 x pilot) –  A new series that challenges everyday people to push themselves to do astonishing things for their place in history. Jamie Kennedy (Scream, The Jamie Kennedy Experiment) hosts the pilot. Guinness World Records Gone Wild will feature average, everyday folks taking their shot at landing a place […]

Greenlit: Killer Karaoke, truTV

Killer Karaoke (8 x ) – Steve-O (Jackass) hosts a show in which people are challenged to sing a song in a testing situation (based on international format Sing If You Can). Channel: truTV Producer: Zodiak USA TX: Early 2012 Source: Cynopsis

Greenlit: California DMV: Field Offices, truTV

California DMV:Field Offices w/t – Behind-the-scenes  docuseries following the work of the California Department of Motor Vehicles who adminster driving licenses, register cars and sort out disputes. Channel: truTV Producer: Katalyst / Soda and Pop TX:  TBC Source: Realscreen UPDATE: In June 2010, Katalyst and Soda and Pop filed a lawsuit against DMV for breach […]