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Greenlit: Death of a Comet: The Rosetta Mission, Science Channel

Death of a Comet: The Rosetta Mission – Dr Dan Riskin follows as a space probe as it collides with a comet, and reviews its scientific mission over the past twelve years in space. Platform: Science Channel Producer: Exploration Production Inc (EPI) TX: 30th September 2016 Source: Realscreen

Greenlit: Droned, Science Channel

Droned – Explores all the different ways that drones are being used – from search and rescue to racing – and the people who make a living from flying drones. Channel: Science Channel Producer: Reckognition TX: Summer 2016 Source: Realscreen

Greenlit: Telescope, Discovery Channel / Science Channel

Telescope (1 x ) –  Takes audiences behind the making of the James Webb Space Telescope, the latest innovation in the tool’s 400-year history. The Hubble Space Telescope, which has determined the age of the universe, confirmed the existence of black holes, and probed the atmosphere of a planet orbiting another star, turns 25 this […]

Greenlit: Secret Space Escapes, Science Channel

 Secret Space Escapes –  What’s it like to leave earth to explore the unknown? How does it feel to be in space? What happens when you’re in space and something goes terribly wrong? This series reveals terrifying accidents, fights for survival, and stories of close calls and near misses by the astronauts who survived them. […]

Greenlit: Short-Attention-Span Science, Science Channel

Short-Attention-Span Science  –  A new unabashedly proud series that answers science’s most curious questions-in 163 seconds (or less). Why 163 seconds? Well, studies indicate humans now have shorter attention spans and the average length of a video on the internet is exactly 163 seconds, so it seems the perfect length to unravel the mysteries of […]

Greenlit: Secret Space Disasters, Science Channel

Secret Space Disasters (8 x 60′) –  Profiles the real stories of near misses, close calls, unexpected encounters, and dangerous discoveries in the history of human space exploration. Each episode explores little-known stories of dangerous discoveries during mankind¹s most perilous space travel missions, using a mixture of first person interviews, CGI graphics, and archival footage.  […]

Greenlit: True Spy, Science Channel

True Spy w/t –  This gripping series tells the tense and dramatic stories of international and corporate spies who risked it all as they stole scientific secrets, carried out daring acts of sabotage and led double lives. Each of these true stories will have technology and science at its heart – whether through the secrets […]

Greenlit: Machine Men, Science Channel

Machine Men w/t –  Meet Justin Gray and his company Graywrx.  If you’ve got a problem, Justin and his team of badass engineers, mad scientists, and tech gurus can solve it. From Twitter to Hollywood studios to a local marijuana farmer, clients come to Graywrx when the solution they need doesn’t exist yet. Each episode […]

Greenlit: Geek Out or Freak Out, Science Channel

Geek Out or Freak Out w/t –  Part game show, part science experiment, part amusement park, this is a new kind of science show. We’re putting the laws of physics, chemistry, and biology on display in a BIG way and having a whole a lot of fun in the process. Shot in front of an […]

Greenlit: Space Launch Live: NASA’s One-Year in Space, Science Channel

Space Launch Live:  NASA’s One-Year in Space – Live broadcast via NASA TV as NASA astronaut Scott Kelly and crew launch on one year in space at the International Space Station (ISS). Kelly and Russian Federal Space Agency (Roscosmos) cosmonaut Mikhail Kornienko are scheduled to spend one full year living and working aboard the ISS […]

Greenlit: Chaos: Caught on Camera, Discovery Networks International / Science Channel

Chaos: Caught on Camera (10 x 30′) –  Each pulsating episode explores shocking viral videos, featuring chaos of all kinds, from catastrophic weather to the world’s worst man-made disasters; amazing tales of human endurance and survival to disastrous engineering failures; and incredible real-time footage of near-fatal accidents to astonishing animal attacks. The heart-stopping clips play […]

Greenlit: What Could Possibly Go Wrong? Science Channel

What Could Possibly Go Wrong? (10 x ) – Kevin Moore and Grant Reynolds track down internet experiments and other stunts that went wrong and then attempt to work out how to do it so it goes right. Channel: Science Channel Producer: Hoff Productions TX: 7th February 2015 Source: Realscreen  

Greenlit: Mind Over Muscle with Eric Young, Science

Mind Over Muscle With Eric Young (2 x ) – Professional wrestler Eric Young is forced to face tough psychological challenges that require more than physical strength to overcome. Channel: Science TX: 6th December 2014 Source: Cynopsis

Greenlit: My Life as a Satellite, Science Channel

My Life as a Satellite (4 x 60′) – A  first person account of the life of a man-made satellite. Through the satellite’s exploration of the cosmos viewers learn about the untold and under-celebrated stories of NASA and the science of the universe. Using a combination of stunning CGI, telescope photography, NASA footage and original video, this […]

Greenlit: Biblical Conspiracies, Science Channel

Biblical Conspiracies (4 x 60′) –  Each year, amazing new discoveries bring the Biblical ancient world to life, but rather than solve riddles, the discoveries only seem to shroud the era deeper in controversy and myth.This series will explore several of the most unexpected finds of the last few years—and uncover the bizarre secrets behind them. With […]

Greenlit: American Makers, Science Channel

American Makers w/t (5 x 60′) –  Capitalizing on the burgeoning Maker Movement, this original new series puts five amateur inventors in a four-round battle to win the chance of a lifetime – an opportunity to take their product to market. Under the watchful eye of a team of experts, each inventor’s product is put through a […]

Greenlit: Alien Universe with Brian Cox, Science Channel

Alien Universe with Brian Cox (5 x 60′) – Are we the only ones looking up at the stars and wondering what is out there? On a distant planet, are other creatures asking the same questions and having the same dreams of finding the answers? And if there are, who are they? This is Professor Brian Cox’s personal […]

Greenlit: Strip the Cosmos, Science Channel / Discovery UK

Strip the Cosmos (6 x 60′) – In each episode,  stunning CGI strips major planets, moons, black holes, stars and galaxies of gases, minerals, rock, magma and gravitational force-fields – layer by layer – revealing the destiny, origins and structure of the universe. We  also explore fascinating mysteries including: What happens inside an exploding star?; Can you escape […]

Greenlit: I F-king Love Science, Science Channel

I F-ing Love Science  ( x 60′) –  Show based on Elise Andrew’s popular blog of the same name that uses reconstructions, animation and live-action to explore the wonders of science. Channel: Science Channel Producer: Green Mountain West Productions / Karga7 Productions TX: Late 2014 Source: C21 Media

Greenlit: Futurescape with James Wood, Science Channel

Futurescape with James Woods (6 x 60) – What if you could read minds using a Bluetooth device, or have your own personal superhuman Iron Man-style suit?  How about curing cancer by inserting a “super chip” into the human body?  What was once considered science fiction is more of a reality than you may think.  […]

Greenlit: Exo-Planets, Science Channel

Exo-Planets w/t –  Takes viewers deep inside the University of California, Berkeley and University of Hawaii’s extraordinary findings from the NASA Kepler Space Telescope. The film features in-depth interviews with leading experts and scientists on the Kepler Space Telescope project including: Geoffrey Marcy, Professor of Astronomy at the University of California, Berkley; noted author and astronomer Phil […]

Greenlit: The Genius of Richard Feynman, Science Channel

The Genius of Richard Feynman (1 x 60′) – In a companion piece to the factual drama 73 Seconds, Academy-Award-winning actor William Hurt leads this documentary portrait of the iconoclastic quantum genius Richard Feynman. New interviews with his family, collaborators and modern-day physicists draw a portrait of the colorful man, and describe the debt we […]

Greenlit: Scam City, Science Channel

Scam City  (10 x ) –  Docuseries that dissects the tactics of thieves, con men and scam artists in some of the busiest and most-densely-populated cities across the globe. World-renowned author, economist, and traveler Conor Woodman takes on a risky investigative role as he goes undercover with criminals in this rarely documented but all-too-common world. […]

Greenlit: Memory Games, Science Channel

Memory Games (1 x 60′) – Documentary special that follows competitors as they train and compete in the annual Memory Games in NYC. Channel: Science Channel Producer: Rize USA / Sharp Entertainment TX: TBC Source: TBI Vision

Greenlit: Where the Wild Men Are, Channel 5 / Science

Where The Wild Men Are (4 x 60′) – Adventurer Ben Fogle lives with people who have chosen to inhabit some of the most remote locations on earth and turn their backs on the daily grind.  But who exactly are the people who have the guts to make such a dramatic move? What are the […]

Greenlit: Stuff You Should Know, Science Channel

Stuff You Should Know (10 x 30′) – Follows Josh Clark and Chuck Bryant inside and outside the recording booth with a series that combines all the delicious informational nuggets of their podcast and wraps them in deadpan mockumentary-style humor.  Along for the ride are a wide array of guests making cameo appearances, including John […]

Greenlit: Avoiding Apocalypse, Discovery Science, Canada

Avoiding Apocalypse (6 x) – How will humanity survive in a world that is over-exploited, over-populated, and ravaged by human activity? How would society fare in a catastrophic event like the ones that decimated millions of species in the past? And how will Canada, in particular, be affected?  This series offers answers to these questions, […]

Greenlit: i.am.mars: Reach for the Stars, Science

i.am.mars: Reach For The Stars –This special documents the artistic and technical process behind “Reach for the Stars (Mars Edition)”, a new song by will.i.am that became the first song ever to be broadcast from another planet to Earth. In what is being hailed as “the most complex Mars mission to date,” NASA’s Curiosity spacecraft […]

Greenlit: Danger By Design, Science Channel

Danger by Design (6 x ) – Nik Wallenda, a seventh generation descendent of the legendary acrobatic troupe, The Flying Wallendas, is on a mission to bring his death-defying skills to a 21st century audience.  We follow Nik and his family as they create spectacular acts that cheat death through science, skill and discipline.  To […]

Greenlit: House of Torment, Science

House of Torment (1 x 60′) – A frighteningly fun ride through the country’s biggest, scariest and most innovative haunted house, located in the cool mecca of Austin, Texas.  In this Halloween special, viewers will get an inside look at the ingenuity and creativity that drives the colorful cast of ghouls, not to mention carpenters, […]

Greenlit: Oddities: San Francisco, Science

Oddities: San Francisco ( x 30′) – Docuseries based in a San Francisco curiosity shop, Loved to Death. Channel: SCIENCE Producer: Leftfield Pictures TX: TBC Source: Cynopsis

Greenlit: Large Dangerous Rocket Ships 2012, Science

Large Dangerous Rocket Ships 2012 (1 x 120′) – Argonia, Kan., hosts the 2012 Large Dangerous Rocket Competition, drawing competitors and fans from around the country.  Mythbuster Kari Byron (TBD) takes viewers up close as competitors compete in the Odd Rocket and Fastest to 10,000 Feet competitions.  What began in 1981 as a small gathering […]

Greenlit: Conquerors, Science

Conquerors (4 x 60′) – Sometimes they come at night, sometimes by day.  They eat, they kill and they lay waste to the land.  They are not from here.  They’re not even human.  Sounds like the plot of an old horror film?  In many ways, it is.  In a science and wildlife collection, we will […]

Greenlit: What is That? Science

What is That? (10 x 30′) – The addictive show that leaves viewers guessing just what they’re watching.  Each episode includes five stand-alone segments that use specialty cameras and innovative filming techniques to capture incredible and curiosity-piquing images. Channel: Science TX: Summer 2013 Source: Science Channel press release

Greenlit: Story of the Continents, Science

Story of the Continents (4 x 60′) – Across the Earth, there are traces of a mysterious, long-lost world.  In this four-part series featuring some of the world’s foremost experts in palaeogeography, botany and zoology, viewers follow a trail of clues through a land that no longer exists-the long-lost supercontinent of Pangaea.  Our trail follows […]

Greenlit: World’s Weirdest, Science

World’s Weirdest (8 x 60′) – Dig below the surface of the world we know and love and you’ll find it is often a weird place, with gruesome discoveries, freaky experiments and shocking stories.  In this series, viewers are not only shown the weirdest stuff but will be given the lowdown on exactly why it’s […]

Greenlit: The Experimenters, Science

The Experimenters (6 x 60′) – No longer limited to conventional laboratories, science is taking to the streets, backyards and parks as amateur and professional scientists around the world are conducting extraordinary experiments and posting their exploits on YouTube.  Scientists are now trying to improve on experiments they see posted online, and competing with other […]

Greenlit: Strip the City, Science / Discovery Networks Europe

Strip the City  (6 x 60′) – Uses stunning CGI animation and expedition-driven actuality to strip major cities naked of their steel, concrete, air, ocean and bedrock-layer by layer, act by act-to explore their hidden infrastructure and solve key mysteries surrounding their origins, geology, archaeology, industry, weather and engineering.  Each episode concentrates on six iconic […]

Greenlit: This Changes Everything, Science

This Changes Everything (6 x 60′) –  Look at one idea or discovery that will critically alter life as we know it: Synthetic Biology, Predictive Analytics, Habitable Planets, Nano Technology.  What’s happening in these game-changing fields?  What does it mean for us?  Critically acclaimed actor James Woods takes viewers on a journey to reveal these […]

Greenlit: Insect Autopsy, Science

Insect Autopsy  (1 x 60′) – This dissection spectacular takes anatomy to the micro-level.  Our team strips back the exoskeleton to reveal how insects work-and discover the hidden blueprint behind their global domination.  With more than a million named species surviving the rigors of over 400 million years of evolution, insects are the supreme innovators […]

Greenlit: Are We Alone? Science

Are We Alone?  –  SCIENCE, in partnership with SETI (Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence), asks the question, are we alone in the universe?  Through a collection of themed specials, we explore this question with some of the brightest minds in this field today.  How likely is it that there is other life out there, and what […]

Greenlit: Surviving Zombies, Science

Surviving Zombies (1 x 60′) – From the wild mountain town of Missoula, Mont., deep in an industrial complex of warehouses and garages, three buddies and sword-fighting aficionados are on a quest.  They’re dedicated to surviving a future world dominated by the living dead… zombies.  “Zorro,” Joey and Chris own and operate a blade-making business, […]

Greenlit: Punkin Chunkin, Science

Punkin Chunkin (1 x 120′) – Each year, 120 teams of backyard engineers converge in Bridgeville, Del., for the annual Punkin Chunkin World Championships.  These competitors unleash their homebuilt air cannons, trebuchets, catapults, human-powered, centrifugal and torsion machines and take aim at the coveted title of world’s farthest chunk. Channel: Science TX: 2012 / 2013 […]

Greenlit: Odd Folks Home, Science

Odd Folks Home (6 x 30′) – Ever wonder about what the homes of clientele seen on Oddities must look like?  Follow everyone’s favorite Obscura regular, Edgar, as he explores the humble abodes of some of the store’s most bizarre customers. Channel: Science TX: 2012 / 2013 Source: Science Channel press release

Greenlit: Dark Matters: Twisted But True, Science

Dark Matters: Twisted But True (6 x 60′) – Documentary series that uses CGI to explore history’s most bizarre experiments such as head transplantation and trials to cross-breed between species including humans and apes. Channel: Science Producer: Wide-Eyed Entertainment TX: 31st August 2011 Source: Realscreen

Greenlit: JUNKies, Science

JUNKies (6 x ) – Wannabe inventors trawl through a Long Island junk yard in the hope of finding junk to turn into treasure. Channel: Science Producer: Leftfield Pictures TX: 19th August 2011 Source: Cynopsis

Greenlit: Trek Nation, Science

Trek Nation (1 x feature-length) –  Documentary about Star Trek, including interviews with George Lucas, Stan Lee and fans. Channel: Science Producer: Rodenberry Entertainment / New Animal Productions / Atmosphere Pictures TX: Fall 2011 Source: C21

Greenlit: Weird Travel, Science

Weird Travel  – Casting the strangest people and places hidden from the world. From the moonshiners of Appalachia to the Bigfoot hunters of Southern Florida, this series exposes some of the strangest subcultures found anywhere. Channel: Science TX: 2012 Source: Discovery Communications press office

Greenlit: Will Wright Future Project, Science

Will Wright Future Project  – See history and the butterfly effect through the mind of gaming genius Will Wright. We will race forward and backward through time to see the causes and effects of some of the most important and minute moments in our collective history. Each episode will unravel as a mystery as we […]

Greenlit: Agent of Invention, Science

Agent of Invention – Every backyard inventor has a million-dollar idea. They often pour everything they have into turning their dreams into a prototype. This series follows the man that can make these dreams come true. He scours the country visiting the most insane “engi-nerds” looking for that one product that will be financial lightning […]