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Greenlit: Hollywood & Football, E!

Hollywood & Football (6 x 60′) – Ready, Set, Hut! E! gets ready for kickoff. After 20 years in St. Louis, the Rams teammates and their families are packing their bags and heading west as the team makes its highly anticipated return to Los Angeles. These million-dollar athletes have everything to prove in their inaugural […]

Greenlit: Rob & Chyna, E!

Rob & Chyna (6 x 60′) – Docuseries  that looks inside Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna’s lives on the heels of their engagement and pregnancy news. The couple will openly share their new life while setting up their new home and preparing for their first child together. Channel: E! Producer: Ryan Seacrest Productions / Bunim/Murray Productions […]

Greenlit: Mariah’s World, E!

Mariah’s World (8 x 30′) – Behind-the-scenes docuseries following singer Mariah Carey as she embarks on a world tour. Channel: E! Producer: Bunim/Murray / Magic Carpet Productions TX: TBC Source: E! press release

Greenlit: Revenge Body with Khloé Kardashian, E!

Revenge Body with Khloé Kardashian (6 x 60′) – Everyone knows what it’s like to feel alone, left out, different, or just not good enough. This is a show that will transform lives with the support of “Strong Looks Better Naked” author, Khloé Kardashian. Whether they’ve been dumped, lost their job, or are facing some of […]

Greenlit: L.A. Clippers Dance Squad, E!

L.A. Clippers Dance Squad (8 x 60′) – A docu-series that gives fans an unprecedented in-depth look at what it takes to be a member of the elite L.A. Clippers dance team, both on and off the court. From hours of auditions and rehearsals to balancing personal lives and relationships, this docu-series takes fans behind-the-scenes, […]

Greenlit: Botched by Nature, E!

Botched By Nature – Docuseries in which plastic surgeons travel across America to find people who have been dealt an unkind hand by nature and set about fixing them. Channel: E! Producer: Evolution Media TX: 2016 Source: Cynopsis

Greenlit: Hollywood Cycle, E!

Hollywood Cycle (6 x 60′) – A never before seen look inside the uber-popular, highly competitive world of indoor cycling at LA’s Cycle House.  The series follows the “ride or die” lives of high profile instructors, along with three up-and-coming trainees,  whose strong, driven personalities often clash both in their professional and personal lives.   While the […]

Greenlit: I am Cait, E!

I am Cait (8 x 60′) – A new documentary series with Caitlyn Jenner, formerly Bruce Jenner, living her life as a transgender woman.  The series will tell her intimate story and will join Caitas she seeks out her “new normal.”    Living for the first time as the person she feels she was born […]

In Development: Girls Guide to Sports, E!

Girls Guide to Sports – A studio-based talk show that will cover all of the juicy topics at the intersection of sports and pop culture in terms of gossip, fashion, dating, entertainment and of course today’s hottest athletes. Hosted by a panel of experts and rotating guests, fans will be able to call in with […]

In Development: Hollywood Prenup, E!

Hollywood Prenup  – Every love story has a beginning, and in this case, it comes with a contract. The wealthiest young people have to protect what is theirs, whether by their own desire or pressure from their family.  Hosted by Hollywood relationship guru Gigi Levangie, who famously penned “The Starter Wife,” each episode follows couples […]

Greenlit: Famously Single, E!

Famously Single  – With so many apps and websites to join, the dating pool has never been deeper, yet, the struggle to find the one seems harder than ever. And being a celebrity doesn’t make it any easier. Eight single celebrities who have been infamously unlucky in love gather under one roof to learn how […]

Greenlit: The Comment Section, E!

The Comment Section ( x 30′) – Comedy series that explores the biggest stories of the week and all of the outrageous and hilarious comments made about them on social media. Hosted by comedian Michael Kosta it will boldly dive into the most dangerous corners of the internet, take out the haters, anoint the heroes […]

Greenlit: Just Jillian, E!

Just Jillian (8 x ) – Known globally as a fitness mogul, TV megastar and entrepreneur extraordinaire, Jillian Michaels strips down and bares it all in this new docu-follow.  While fans may think they know Jillian inside and out, her tough-as-nails personality that captured legions of fans on The Biggest Loser is only one aspect […]

Greenlit: Bruce Jenner Series, E!

Bruce Jenner Series w/t (8 x 60′) – A new documentary series with Bruce Jenner living his life as a transgender woman.  The series will tell Bruce’s intimate story and will join him as he seeks out his “new normal.”   Living for the first time as the person he feels he was born to be, […]

In Development: Kierra & Harry Douglas Project, E!

Kierra & Harry Douglas Project – This docu-series follows the lives of newlyweds Kierra and Harry Douglas along with their families.  Kierra is an ex Falcon’s cheerleader and Mrs. Georgia International, who currently runs a dance studio while Harry currently plays WR for the Tennessee Titans. Channel: E! Producer: Shed Media TX: TBC Source: E! […]

In Development: Instafamous, E!

Instafamous – Tapping into the social media craze, this show explores the lives of social media celebrities and what makes us all so obsessed with their lives. Channel: E! Producer: Leftfield Pictures TX: TBC Source: E! press release (via TV by the Numbers)

Greenlit: Sex with Brody, E! Entertainment

Sex with Brody (4 x ) –  A call-in talk show based on television personality and sex enthusiast Brody Jenner’s podcast series. Joined by relationship therapist and author Dr. Mike Dow and actress and comedian Stevie Ryan, the roundtable talk show will get hot and heavy around the topics of love, relationships and sex. From […]

Greenlit: WAGS, E!

WAGS  (8x 60′) –   It’s all about the “Women and Girlfriends of Sports” in this series that goes inside the world of some of today’s hottest professional athletes, from the perspective of the women behind them.  The show follows the beautiful, driven and always outspoken women who make up an exclusive club of spouses and […]

Greenlit: Stewarts & Hamiltons, E!

Stewarts & Hamiltons  (8x 60′) –   This series climbs into a family tree made of true Hollywood royalty.  Leading the pack are model and young mother Kimberly Stewart who is the daughter of author and philanthropist Alana Stewart and musician Rod Stewart.  Hollywood icon George Hamilton, who is the ex-husband and best friend of Alana, […]

Greenlit: Spun Out, E!

Spun Out (6 x 60′) –  Follows the lives of three competitive fitness instructors at Cycle House spin gym in Los Angeles. Channel: E! Producer: Tricon Films & Television TX: May 2015 Source: Broadway World

Greenlit: Good Work, E!

Good Work (6 x 60′) – Pop culture roundtable series, where hosts RuPaul, Dr. Terry Dubrow and Sandra Vergara celebrate the “good work” and the “not so good work” of Hollywood celebs. Each week the three hosts will break down every aspect of celebrity beauty secrets, cosmetic procedures, and plastic surgery…who’s had what done and who’s doing […]

Greenlit: The Grace Helbig Project, E!

The Grace Helbig Project w/t  – Internet sensation and comedian Grace Helbig hosts a new hybrid comedy talk show.  Helbig, best known for her “Its Grace” YouTube channel, which has more than two million subscribers, and feature her “uber fan” point of view on what’s trending in pop culture, as well as fun and unexpected […]

Greenlit: House of DVF, E!

House of DVF – Diane von Furstenberg and her eponymous fashion brand have long been symbols of confidence, grace and fearlessness.  Now, she Diane mentors a new generation of hard-working young women ready to take their careers to the next level at DVF. Only the most intelligent and talented young women are considered for the glamorous […]

Greenlit: A-List Vacations, E!

A-List Vacations (1 x 30′) – Bust out those bikinis and freshen up your spray tans; summer is here! And while we are planning weekend getaways to our local lakes and beaches, the biggest names in Hollywood are also getting ready to take some much needed vacations, just on a far grander scale. Hosted by […]

In Development: After Party, E!

After Party ( x 30′) –   A live daily show that celebrates and recaps the best of the past 24 hours in television and pop culture news, including the good, the bad, and the ugly. Stunted with guests, games, debate, insider info and more! Hosted by a panel of television and pop culture experts, […]

In Development: New Money, E!

New Money – Money can’t buy you taste, and that’s really fun to watch and judge!   In this self-contained format, each episode will give us a sneak peek inside two millionaires’ outrageous homes, cars, & closets. We’ll see how people with more money than God (but probably less taste than you!) have chosen to spend […]

In Development: Love Live, E!

Love Live – A weekly live event where the audience at home gets to play matchmaker in real-time with real people’s dates. Live each week from our studio, one hopeful single will have three potential suitors to choose from…but the catch is that only the audience can see them!  All of America can weigh in with their opinions […]

Greenlit: Dash Dolls, E!

Dash Dolls (8 x 60′) – Kourtney, Kim and Khloé Kardashian made a mark on the fashion industry with the opening of their upscale DASH boutiques. We’ll see how the Dash Dolls – the girls entrusted to manage the DASH storefront and overall franchise –  juggle the glamorous lifestyle that comes with representing one of […]

In Development: Pretty Young Things, E!

Pretty Young Things – Trying to make it in New York City isn’t always pretty.  And being beautiful doesn’t always help…but it doesn’t hurt, either.  In fact, it is the good looks and sex appeal of these young models that give them a shot at the good life most people only dream of – fame, […]

In Development: Luxe Life, E!

Luxe Life – What happens when rich kids hit their 30s?  Between finally receiving their trust funds, making a killing in their careers, marrying the right guys, and having rich kids of their own, they set the standard for glamor, fun and success. Welcome to the no-curfew, no-limits and no-saying-no world of the “Luxe Life.” […]

In Development: Spin Out, E!

Spin Out – A heart-pumping docu-series, drenched in equal parts sweat and champagne, taking audiences inside the thrilling secret lives of LA’s hottest spin instructors.  Beautiful people, celebrities in their own world, rewarded for looking great and behaving badly. In this subculture, nothing is as it seems.  There’s a cutthroat hierarchy and strict rules.  Huge […]

In Development: Lance Bass Wedding, E!

Lance Bass Wedding – This wedding special follows former NSYNC member and now radio host-producer-singer Lance Bass as he and his fiancé actor-artist Michael Turchin plan the wedding of their dreams.  Following Lance and Michael’s love story, viewers will experience the entire wedding process along with them… for better or worse.  From wedding planning disasters to […]

In Development: The Receipt, E!

The Receipt – For today’s generation, it’s all about status… in life… and online.  For those who are filthy rich, it isn’t enough to spend money, you have to flaunt it!  Each episode starts with the reveal of an outrageously high receipt, and viewers will follow as we backtrack to live the 24 hours with […]

In Development: #RichKids of New York, E!

#RichKids of New York – These 20-somethings are wealthy, beautiful and fabulous – but with their own unique entrepreneurial drive.  These #RichKids are using their bank roll to build their own empires in The Big Apple.  They’re educated, elitist and connected; reigning over a city where it’s not just what you own, but who you know.  […]

In Development: Christina Milian, E!

Christina Milian –  Since she was a teenager, Christina Milian has lived life in the public eye.  Hit songs, movie roles and paparazzi focus have come, gone and come back again, but the one constant in her life has always been her family.   Whether from her passionate mother and business partner, her strong-willed sisters, her […]

In Development: DVF, E!

DVF –  This docu-series, set in the world of the prestigious global fashion icon Diane Von Furstenberg, explores the relationships between an ultra-successful boss who controls the fashion world and her eight eager-to-please associates in training.  Culminating at NY Fashion Week, ultimately one will get the highly sought-after yet demanding opportunity to work directly with DVF […]

Greenlit: Secret Societies of Hollywood, E!

Secret Societies of Hollywood  (4 x 60′) –  Beyond the red carpet and behind the security gates lies a forbidden Hollywood that only the rich and famous know about …until now. Four specials expose the cults, cabals and underground clubs that exist in today’s entertainment industry: Secret Societies of Hollywood: Deals and Dealers Secret Societies […]

Greenlit: Escape Club, E!

Escape Club ( x 60′) – This series sends 12 twenty-somethings looking to escape and reboot their lives to an exclusive, exotic resort where they will do whatever it takes to keep their place in paradise.  Those daydreaming about changing the course of their lives are now given the opportunity to drop everything, fully disconnect and […]

Greenlit: Men of the Strip, E!

Men of the Strip (1 x 90′) – Las Vegas has got a brand-new all-male revue, and we follow along as all the elements of the sexy new show comes together — from the auditions and casting, to the distinctive choreography, dance training, to all of the drama among the hunky male performers. The “Men of […]

Greenlit: The Fabulist, E!

The Fabulist ( x 30′) – Shake those Monday blues with a weekly dose of pop culture that no lifestyle fashionista will want to miss. Hosted by pop culture queen Kristin Cavallari and hot young designer and Fashion Star veteran Orly Shani, each week show brings together an exciting panel of tastemakers whose fingers are planted […]

Greenlit: Buying for Billionaires, E!

Buying for Billionaires (1 x 60′) – Viewers get a rare inside look the extravagant and oh-so-good life as we follow three luxury lifestyle experts as they attempt to search for rare and expensive items for their outrageously wealthy and extremely demanding clientele.  With the less-than-subtle pressure of their very powerful clients, the three industry […]

Greenlit: Biggest Reality Scandals, E!

Biggest Reality Scandals (1 x 60′) – From The Real World to Top Chef, reality television has become a platform for fame. Everyone is searching for their 15 minutes and are willing to do anything to be a TV star. Featuring some of the TV’s most popular reality shows and its cast members, including The Bachelor, […]

Greenlit: Botched, E!

Botched (8 x 60′) – In a world where our culture is obsessed with youth and beauty, some people revert to plastic surgery to achieve a certain look and turn back the hands of time.  With weekly magazine covers catering to a public thirsty for perfection, some can take that quest to the extreme and […]

Greenlit: I Am Britney Jean, E!

I Am Britney Jean (1 x 90′) –  The buzz about Britney Spears’ upcoming two-year performance residency at Planet Hollywood Resort & Casino in Las Vegas has already reached a fever pitch with ticket sales through the roof and rumors abounding as to what the star will perform, what she’ll wear, and what the show […]

Greenlit: The Drama Queen, E!

The Drama Queen – In today’s world of social media, 15 minutes of fame can happen in an instant, but to make it last a lifetime, Hollywood hopefuls need one thing: Marki Costello. Whether at home with her family or running the show at her business, Creative Management Entertainment Group, one of the busiest and […]

Greenlit: Party On, E!

Party On (8 x 30′) – Jacqueline M. Wood travels the world to find the best party spots, exploring all they have to offer in 48 hours. Channel: E! Producer: Monkey Kingdom TX: TBC Source: Realscreen

Greenlit: Rich Kids of Berverly Hills, E!

Rich Kids of Beverly Hills –  Reality series based on a group of super-rich 20-somethings who document their lives via Instagram photos on  a Tumblr blog. Channel: E! Producer: ITV Studios America / Leepson Bounds Entertainment TX: January  2014 Source: Deadline

Greenlit: Brave New Girl, E! Canada

Brave New Girl (8 x ) – Docuseries that follows the life of  Toronto-based Jenna Talackova, a transgender model who was thrown out of, and later returned to, the Miss Universe Canada competition. Channel: E! Canada Producer: Peacock Alley Entertainment TX: Fall 2013 Source: Realscreen

Greenlit: Blinging Up Baby, E!

Blinging Up Baby (1 x 60′) –  There is nothing more buzzworthy in Hollywood these days than celeb parents and their star tots who fill the pages of weekly magazines. This  special hosted by Melissa Rycroft explores how the stars are heralding stork visits, from preparing luxurious nurseries, to exotic and ultra-pricey “babymoons,” to dazzling […]

Greenlit: The Trend, E!

The Trend –  This news series will feature a team of experts and celebrity contributors discussing all things fashion, beauty and design. Channel: E! TX: Fall 2013 Source: E! press release