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Greenlit: Caribbean with Simon Reeve, BBC2

Caribbean with Simon Reeve (1 x 60′) –  A series that blends travel with wildlife, issues, adventure, and incredible insights into a glorious region of the world. With thousands of beautiful islands and a long mainland coast, the Caribbean is a vast area spanning a million square miles. It is home to some of the […]

Greenlit: Inside Harley Street, BBC2

Inside Harley Street (3 x 60′)  – Looks inside the hidden and exclusive world of private medicine, to tell the stories of the people who conduct their business behind the facades of the area’s elegant Georgian terraces. Laced with humour and studded with historical facts, the series combines observational narratives with interviews that tell stories […]

Greenlit: The Secret World of Lewis Carroll, BBC2

The Secret World of Lewis Carroll (1 x 60′) –  It’s a timeless classic of children’s literature and the third most-quoted book in English after the Bible and Shakespeare. But what lies behind the extraordinary appeal of Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland? To mark the 150th anniversary of its publication, this documentary explores the life and […]

Greenlit: Reginald D Hunter’s Songs of the South, BBC2

Reginald D Hunter’s Songs Of The South  (3 x 60′) – Sees American comedian Reginald turn his unique wit on the world and music in which he grew up as he embarks upon an epic road trip from North Carolina to New Orleans through 150 years of American popular song. From banjo-toting hillbilly to dirty […]

Greenlit: The Duke and the Composer: Monteverdi in Mantua, BBC2

The Duke And The Composer: Monteverdi In Mantua  (1 x 60′) – Tells the story of a Renaissance Duke and the composer who worked for him – and how their volatile relationship would create one of the most revolutionary and beautiful collections of music ever published: The Monteverdi Vespers of 1610. The programme is presented […]

Greenlit: La Traviata & The Women of London, BBC2

La Traviata & The Women Of London  w/t  (1 x 60′) –  Verdi’s La Traviata is the world’s most popular opera, performed well over 3,000 times in the past five years alone. But when it was staged in London for the first time in 1856 it caused a scandal that reverberated through Victorian England, the […]

Greenlit: BBC Young Dancer, BBC2 / BBC4

BBC Young Dancer (4  x ) – Turns the spotlight on the UK’s best young dancers with the first ever BBC Young Dancer 2015. The nationwide award has invited dancers to submit entries to compete for six places in a televised Grand Final to be shown live. The series features highlights from each of the Category […]

Greenlit: What Britain Eats With Alice Roberts, BBC2

Britain’s Top Ten Meals And How To Cook Them w/t (1 x 60′) –  Sets out the state of the UK through the food we love to eat. By looking closer at our favourite dishes we can show the trends rippling through Britain and how our tastes are changing, which might reveal some surprises! The show will be […]

Greenlit: Eat to Live Longer with Giles Coren, BBC2

Eat To Live Longer With Giles Coren (1 x 60′) – Giles Coren, the food critic, takes up three extreme diet regimes in a bid push the very limits of life expectancy. Giles’s search to find a diet which might extend his life comes after his great-grandfather lived to the grand old age of 93. His grandfather passed […]

Greenlit: Back in Time for Dinner, BBC2

Back In Time For Dinner (6 x 60′) –  In this innovative and entertaining series, presented by Giles Coren, one modern British family will be fast-forwarded through 50 years of food history to explore how the food we eat has changed massively, and how that has helped shape who we are. The food the family eat […]

Greenlit: Mobile Phone Idol, BBC2

Mobile Phone Idol (6 x 60′) – Takes viewers behind the scenes of this prestigious annual competition which scours all corners of the UK to find the best mobile phone salesperson in the country. The stakes are really high. As one judge says, it’s the “Pulitzer Prize of Telecoms”. The winner is announced on stage […]

Greenlit: Britain’s Hardest Worker, BBC2

Britain’s Hardest Worker (5 x 60′) – Explores the front line of our nation’s low wage economy in this new series which follows Brits from across the country through a series of real-world jobs to find Britain’s Hardest Worker. These jobs will take place both out in the workplace and within the confines of a specially […]

Greenlit: Chinese School, BBC2

Chinese School (3 x 60′) – This series will conduct an unprecedented experiment, giving four teachers from China a class full of British teenagers to find out if China’s much-lauded education system could teach us lessons here in the UK. The Chinese education system has swept the board in world rankings year after year. Disciplined, […]

Greenlit: Holbein: Eye of the Tudors – A Culture Show Special, BBC2

Holbein: Eye Of The Tudors – A Culture Show Special –  As Henry VIII’s court painter, Hans Holbein witnessed and recorded the most notorious era in English history. He painted most of the major characters of the age, and created the famous image of the king himself that everyone today still recognises. But who really […]

Greenlit: The Post Office BBC2

The Post Office  (3 x 60′) – Observational documentary series that follows the staff and customers at Post Office counters across Britain as the organisation undergoes a modernisation programne. Channel: BBC2 Producer: Blast! TX: Mid-2015 Source: Broadcast

Greenlit: A Night at Hampton Court Palace, BBC2

A Night At Hampton Court Palace –  Hampton Court Palace celebrates its 500th anniversary in 2015. With so few surviving buildings left associated with events from this period of British history and the reign of Henry VIII, Lucy Worsley and David Starkey offer audiences an unprecedented insight into Henry VIII’s world. Focusing on the events […]

Greenlit: Demolition – The Wrecking Crew, BBC2

Demolition – The Wrecking Crew (3 x 60′) – Follows teams who bring down unwanted buildings, homes and bridges in controlled explosions, as they bring down some of the biggest and most iconic buildings in Britain. The series reveals the difficulties of demolishing massive structures and the precision needed to safely reduce complex constructions to […]

Greenlit: Kate Humble – Into the Volcano, BBC2

Kate Humble – Into The Volcano (2 x 60′) – Presenter Kate Humble gets up very close and personal with two active volcanoes on islands in the South Pacific and finds out how inhabitants deal with living in such seemingly dangerous places, when she visits two of the 83 islands of Vanuatu which sit on […]

Greenlit: The Big Fish, BBC2

The Big Fish – From tropical seas to frozen rivers and lakes, this is not just a gripping competition to find Britain’s best all-round angler, but an expedition around the world. Who will be brave enough to swap the Thames for the Amazon? Or swap Lake Windermere for an alligator-infested swamp, or the coast of […]

Greenlit: Armada: The Untold Story, BBC2

Armada: The Untold Story (3 x 60′) –  Dan Snow interviews historians and uses historical documents and dramatic reconstructions to tell the story of Queen Elizabeth I and the Spanish Armada in the 16th century. Channel: BBC2 Producer: BBC TX: 2015 Source: Broadcast

Greenlit: Car Dealers: The Trade Off, BBC2

Car Dealers: The Trade Off   (1 x 60′) – A brand new format exploring the huge lifestyle contrasts that exist in contemporary Britain. Two professionals from vastly different worlds in car sales – from selling supercar Ferraris to budget bangers – swap jobs and salaries for two working weeks. They’ll have to learn on […]

Greenlit: Inside Necker Island, BBC2

Inside Necker Island   (1 x 60′) – For the first time viewers are given an in depth, behind the scenes look at one of the most exclusive holiday destinations in the world – Necker Island. This film is an intimate portrait of how the rich, powerful and famous holiday, and what it’s like for […]

Greenlit: Rich Russians, BBC2

Rich Russians  (1 x 60′) – Who really are the super-rich Russian elite who have chosen to make London their home? Why have they favoured our capital city? And why do they obsess about the English education system, polo and our monarchy? This film enters the lives of a billionaire businessman; one of London’s biggest […]

Greenlit: The Super Rich and Us, BBC2

The Super Rich and Us  (2 x 60′) – Never before has money been so polarised in Britain. The richest 85 people now own more than half the UK population. The rise of the Super Rich has meant that wealth in the UK is dividing our society at an extraordinary rate – but how and […]

Greenlit: Canterbury Cathedral, BBC2

Canterbury Cathedral (3 x 60′) – Featuring unparalleled access to Canterbury Cathedral over the course of a year, taking audiences inside the community that is the beating heart of the Anglican Communion. Today and throughout the 1400 years since St Augustine founded the Christian community in Canterbury, those who run it live on site. As […]

Greenlit: The Longest War – Women & the Fight for Power, BBC2

The Longest War – Women & the Fight for Power w/t (3 x 60′) – Historian Amanda Vickery uncovers Britain’s longest war, the 300 year long campaign by women for political and sex equality in Britain, revealing the largely forgotten heroines (and a few heroes) who fought for the cause. The suffragette’s battle to win the vote […]

Greenlit: Magna Carta- Why So Revolutionary? BBC2

Magna Carta – Why So Revolutionary? (1 x 60′) – We take our liberties for granted. They seem absolute and untouchable. But they are the result of a series of violent struggles fought over 800 years that, at times, have threatened to tear our society apart. On the frontline was a document originally inked on animal skin […]

Greenlit: Alex Polizzi For Hire, BBC2

Alex Polizzi For Hire (16 x 60′) – Alex Polizzi helps British hotels, pubs and restaurants put potential new kitchen staff through their paces in a challenging job interview process. Channel: BBC2 Producer: Twofour TX: 2015 Source: Broadcast

Greenlit: The Queen’s Garden, BBC2

The Queen’s Garden (2 x 60′) – Alan Titchmarsh spends a whole year exploring a royal treasure: the Buckingham Palace Garden and discovers a wonderland with a five century history; an urban oasis of wildlife where the Queen grew up and a “living museum” where almost every plant has a royal story to tell. Using cutting-edge natural […]

Greenlit: Collectaholics, BBC2

Collectaholics (8 x 60′) – Jasmine Harman and Mark Hill visit people around Britain who have amassed huge and extraordinary collections and find out the challenges they face in keeping and growing their collections. Channel: BBC2 Producer: RDF TV TX: 2015 Source: Broadcast

Greenlit: Tomorrow’s Worlds: The Unearthly History of Science Fiction, BBC2

Tomorrow’s Worlds: The Unearthly History Of Science Fiction (4 x 60′) –  A landmark series that sees historian and author Dominic Sandbrook head to the very frontiers of space and science to offer audiences the definitive television history of science fiction. He tells the story of one of the liveliest and most stimulating genres in popular culture, through […]

Greenlit: The Wild West, BBC2

The Wild West   (3 x 60′)  – There is nowhere in America more varied, more extreme and more spectacular than the Wild West. America’s most iconic landscapes – Death Valley, The Grand Canyon, the giant redwood forests and extreme coastlines – have been forged over millennia. New camera techniques – 360-degree, motion-controlled time lapse photography, […]

Greenlit: Natural World: Africa’s Fishing Leopards, BBC2 / Nat Geo WILD

Natural World: Africa’s Fishing Leopards  (1 x 60′)  – Filmed over the course of two years by cameraman Brad Bestelink, this blue-chip biography offers the most in-depth portrait of a leopard family to date. All the key trials, tribulations, threats, and milestones in the cubs’ early lives are well documented, including the unique (and rarely filmed) […]

Greenlit: Ireland – The Wild Edge of the World, BBC2/TG4/ORF/PBS/NDR/France TV/

Ireland – The Wild Edge Of The World (2 x 60′)  – In this two-part special, Emmy-award-winning natural history cameraman and presenter Colin Stafford Johnson journeys along one of the most spectacular coastlines in the world, featuring the wildlife and wild places that make it so unique Using some of the latest filming techniques, including Starlight, high-speed […]

Greenlit: Diet Tribes, BBC2

Diet Tribes w/t (3 x 60′), Dr Chris Van Tulleken and clinical psychologist Professor Tanya Byron investigate the latest science behind the discovery that the best way to lose weight could be a personalised diet, the secret to which may lie in our genes, our hormones and neuroscience. In Britain today, two thirds of us are […]

Greenlit: World on a Plate, BBC2

World on a Plate w/t (6 x 60′) – Famous chefs such as Rachel Khoo and Rick Stein travel the world to explore the history, culture and geography behind their favourite dishes. Channel: BBC2 Producer: BBC Bristol TX: TBC Source: Broadcast

Greenlit: Afghanistan: The Lion’s Last Roar? BBC2

Afghanistan: The Lion’s Last Roar (2 x 60′) – Documentary that explores the political and military strategy that led to the UK sending troops to Afghanistan, through interviews with those involved at home and abroad. Channel: BBC2 Producer: Blakeway TX: TBC Source: Broadcast

Greenlit: Mary Berry’s Absolute Favourites, BBC2

Mary Berry’s Absolute Favourites (6 x 30′) – Mary Berry cooks up new dishes that have been influenced by her favourite locations and experiences. Channel: BBC2 Producer: Shine Soho TX: TBC Source: Broadcast

Greenlit: Holocaust: Freddie Knoller’s War, BBC2

Holocaust: Freddie Knoller’s War (1 x 60′) – Tells the extraordinary story of a 93-year-old Holocaust survivor. A young Jewish man in World War Two, Freddie’s journey took him to 1940s occupied Paris where he lived a champagne lifestyle with Nazi officers and dancing girls, before the war eventually caught up with him and his horror […]

Greenlit: Touched by Auschwitz, BBC2

Touched By Auschwitz  (1 x 90′) – A documentary that explores the legacy of Auschwitz. Filmed Filmed in Jerusalem, Chicago, London, Bavaria, Krakow and Tel Aviv, the film presents a compelling portrait of the problems, challenges and triumphs that six different individuals have experienced since the war as a result of their time in the […]

Greenlit: Natural World: Attenborough’s Big Birds, BBC2/Thirteen/WNET

Natural World: Attenborough’s Big Birds (1 x 60′) – Meet the world’s oddest birds; a big family of big characters that haven’t flown a day in their lives. At the centre of the film will be a family of the largest and fastest birds in the world – a young couple of breeding ostriches who are struggling […]

Greenlit: The Pennine Way, BBC2

The Pennine Way (3 x 30′) – Documentary series celebrating the stunning Pennine Way to mark the 50th anniversary of the trail in 2015. Officially opened in 1965, the 268-mile Pennine Way stretches from Edale in the Derbyshire Peak District to Kirk Yetholm on the Scottish Border, taking in some of Britain’s most rugged and spectacular […]

Greenlit: Attenborough’s Paradise Birds, BBC2

Attenborough’s Paradise Birds (1 x 60′) – Birds of Paradise are one of David Attenborough’s a life-long passions. He was the first to film many of their beautiful and often bizarre displays and has spent a life time tracking them all over the jungles of New Guinea/Indonesia. He says: “For me Birds of Paradise are the most […]

Greenlit: BBC Young Dancer 2015, BBC2/BBC4

BBC Young Dancer (4 x 60′) – The nationwide award will invite young dancers to submit entries to compete for one of six places in a televised Grand Final. The first ever BBC Young Dancer will provide a platform for UK dancers aged 16-20 to demonstrate their dancing abilities through three competitive rounds designed to highlight their […]

Greenlit: The Last Act: The Genius of Late Rembrandt, BBC2

The Last Act: The Genius Of Late Rembrandt  w/t (1 x 60′)  – For art historian Simon Schama, Rembrandt is the greatest artist of all time. He describes him as not “just a painter but a psychologist of the human condition.” In this new film, Simon – one of the world’s leading experts on Rembrandt […]

Greenlit: Rankin Shoots Rembrandt, BBC2

Rankin Shoots Rembrandt  w/t (1 x 30′)  – In this special , photographer Rankin takes inspiration from Rembrandt, the greatest portraitist of them all. Translating painting techniques into photography, Rankin will re-create four of Rembrandt’s key portraits, capturing the stories told in the faces of his sitters Terry Gilliam, Una Stubbs, Ken Loach and Zandra Rhodes. […]

Greenlit: Julie Walters: In Their Words, BBC2

Julie Walters: In Their Words w/t (1 x 60′) – celebrates the actress’s incredible career, spanning over 40 years in a multitude of film and TV roles. From her comedy beginnings in theatre, through to television and then into film, her story will be told through the eyes of Julie’s colleagues and friends as well […]

Greenlit: The Kitchen, BBC2

The Kitchen (3 x 60′) – Follows the lives of eight very different households as they cook and eat together. From serving homemade pasties and pies to roasted local road kill and £1 budget frozen meals, the menus vary from home to home, as do the conversations and differing perspectives on life in Britain. The […]

Greenlit: World’s Greatest Food Markets, BBC2

World’s Greatest Food Markets (3 x 60′) – Docuseries in which Billingsgate fishmonger Roger Barton goes behind the scenes of food markets in Delhi, New York City and Mexico City. Channel: BBC2 Producer: Indus Films TX: Late 2014 Source: Broadcast

Greenlit: Wonders of the Monsoon, BBC2

Wonders of the Monsoon (5 x 60′) –  The wildlife and cultures from the Himalayas to Northern Australia have been shaped by one of the greatest phenomena on Earth: the mighty monsoon winds. This series explores how life flourishes under the tumultuous weather system that annually transforms an enormous part of our planet, home to […]

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