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Greenlit: BBC Young Dancer 2015, BBC2/BBC4

BBC Young Dancer (4 x 60′) – The nationwide award will invite young dancers to submit entries to compete for one of six places in a televised Grand Final. The first ever BBC Young Dancer will provide a platform for UK dancers aged 16-20 to demonstrate their dancing abilities through three competitive rounds designed to highlight their […]

Greenlit: The Last Act: The Genius of Late Rembrandt, BBC2

The Last Act: The Genius Of Late Rembrandt  w/t (1 x 60′)  – For art historian Simon Schama, Rembrandt is the greatest artist of all time. He describes him as not “just a painter but a psychologist of the human condition.” In this new film, Simon – one of the world’s leading experts on Rembrandt […]

Greenlit: Rankin Shoots Rembrandt, BBC2

Rankin Shoots Rembrandt  w/t (1 x 30′)  – In this special , photographer Rankin takes inspiration from Rembrandt, the greatest portraitist of them all. Translating painting techniques into photography, Rankin will re-create four of Rembrandt’s key portraits, capturing the stories told in the faces of his sitters Terry Gilliam, Una Stubbs, Ken Loach and Zandra Rhodes. […]

Greenlit: Julie Walters: In Their Words, BBC2

Julie Walters: In Their Words w/t (1 x 60′) – celebrates the actress’s incredible career, spanning over 40 years in a multitude of film and TV roles. From her comedy beginnings in theatre, through to television and then into film, her story will be told through the eyes of Julie’s colleagues and friends as well […]

Greenlit: The Kitchen, BBC2

The Kitchen (3 x 60′) – Follows the lives of eight very different households as they cook and eat together. From serving homemade pasties and pies to roasted local road kill and £1 budget frozen meals, the menus vary from home to home, as do the conversations and differing perspectives on life in Britain. The […]

Greenlit: World’s Greatest Food Markets, BBC2

World’s Greatest Food Markets (3 x 60′) – Docuseries in which Billingsgate fishmonger Roger Barton goes behind the scenes of food markets in Delhi, New York City and Mexico City. Channel: BBC2 Producer: Indus Films TX: Late 2014 Source: Broadcast

Greenlit: Wonders of the Monsoon, BBC2

Wonders of the Monsoon (5 x 60′) –  The wildlife and cultures from the Himalayas to Northern Australia have been shaped by one of the greatest phenomena on Earth: the mighty monsoon winds. This series explores how life flourishes under the tumultuous weather system that annually transforms an enormous part of our planet, home to […]

Greenlit: Rick Stein: From Venice to Istanbul, BBC2

Rick Stein: From Venice to Istanbul (6 x 60′) – Chef Rick Stein travels around the Mediterranean looking for the kind of food that locals buy, cook and eat. Channel: BBC2 Producer: Denham Productions TX: 2015 Source: Broadcast

Greenlit: Hockney, BBC2

Hockney (1 x 105′) –  A feature-length documentary about the iconic artist David Hockney. The film will be the definitive exploration of one of the most important artists of his generation. For the first time, David Hockney has given unprecedented access to his personal archive of photographs and films, resulting in a frank and unparalleled visual […]

Greenlit: A Dark and Stormy Night: When Horror Was Born, BBC2

A Dark And Stormy Night: When Horror Was Born w/t (1 x 60′)  – A fascinating exploration of one of the most significant moments in Gothic history: the night when Mary Shelley, Lord Byron and their cohorts gathered together in Lake Geneva to tell ghost stories. The night when Frankenstein was born. Drawing on British Library manuscripts […]

Greenlit: The Mekong River with Sue Perkins, BBC2

The Mekong River with Sue Perkins (4x 60′) –  Sue Perkins  takes an incredible journey to the Mekong, South East Asia’s greatest river. The entertaining and illuminating series introduces us to the ‘Mother of Water’, a river that brings life to millions of people from the paddy fields of Vietnam to the mountains of the Tibetan […]

Greenlit: A Black History of Britain With David Olusoga, BBC2

A Black History Of Britain with David Olusoga (6 x 60′) – David Olusoga (The World’s War: Forgotten Soldiers Of Empire) presents a new landmark series exploring the black history of Britain. The ambitious series provides an authored account of the people and moments that have defined Britain’s black history. It looks back at the African diaspora that […]

Greenlit: The Bank, BBC2

The Bank (3 x 60′) –  Docuseries that explores our complicated relationship with money. Britain’s High Street banks sit at the very centre of our finances, deciding on our savings and debts, mortgages and business loans, our hopes and fears. A branch of NatWest in the north of England has opened its doors, giving unprecedented access […]

Greenlit: This Wild Life, BBC2

This Wild Life (10 x 30′) – This observational documentary follows the remarkable lives of human and animal families living in Kenya’s Samburu National Reserve, and tells the story of a safari camp run by wildlife expert Saba Douglas-Hamilton and an elephant conservation charity run by her husband Frank Pope. The elephants and other animals […]

Greenlit: Sweets Made Simple, BBC2

Sweets Made Simple  (4 x ) – After home baking comes homemade sweets. Award-winning confectioners Kitty Hope and Mark Greenwood share their passion for all things sugary and sweet and their enthusiasm for their craft is nothing short of infectious. This fun-loving couple put on the rubber gloves, pull out the heavy-bottomed pans and strain, […]

Greenlit: The Ladykillers, BBC2

The Ladykillers w/t (4 x 60′) –  Follows three female pest controllers as they visit homes and businesses across the UK to help with their infestations. Using high-tech cameras and equipment, the series shows the pests as they have never been seen before, from bed bugs to rats, from wasps to foxes, and offer advice […]

Greenlit: Mayflower and the Pilgrims, BBC2 / PBS

Mayflower and the Pilgrims (2 x 60′) – Documentary series that looks at the experiences of the Pilgrims who travelled from England to the Europe to the New World on board the Mayflower. Channel: BBC2 / PBS Producer: Ric Burns TX: Late 2014 Source: Broadcast

Greenlit: Family Saga, BBC2

Family Saga  w/t – Poverty. Crime. Drugs. Violence. The newspapers of Victorian Britain captured stories and scandals almost identical to that of modern Britain. And according to the police, courts and charity records of the 19th century, problem families were at the heart of these social crises. Tackling the big forces that have dominated the […]

Greenlit: The Fifteen Billion Pound Railway, BBC2

The Fifteen Billion Pound Railway (3 x60′) – Follows the people working on the construction of a new rail link under London. Channel: BBC2 Producer: Windfall Films TX: TBC Source: Realscreen

Greenlit: Sir Simon Rattle Documentary, BBC2

Sir Simon Rattle Documentary w/t-  TV biography of Britain’s best-loved conductor, Sir Simon Rattle, which charts his international career working with the world’s greatest orchestras, following the irresistible dynamism of his rehearsals and performance and the day-to-day life of a great conductor achieving a formidable reputation. Channel: BBC2 Producer: BBC TX: TBC Source: BBC press […]

Greenlit: Tatler, BBC2

Tatler  w/t –  Tatler is the high-society magazine. A British institution steeped in history, Tatler not only documents, but also dictates the social calendar of our most prominent figures, and has done for the last 300 years. The magazine itself is an entertaining microcosm of the exclusive world it covers. But the series is about […]

Greenlit: Reginald D Hunter’s Songs of the South, BBC2

Reginald D Hunter’s Song of the South  (3 x 60′) – Sees Georgia-born comedian Reginald turn his unique wit on the world and music in which he grew up as he embarks upon an epic road trip from North Carolina to New Orleans through 150 years of American popular song. Channel: BBC2 TX: TBC Source: BBC press release

Greenlit: Genesis: Together and Apart, BBC2

Genesis: ~Together and Apart (feature-length) – Documentary on one of the most successful bands in rock history. Made with the full co-operation of Genesis, the film reunites all original members of the band together – Tony Banks, Phil Collins, Peter Gabriel, Steve Hackett, Mike Rutherford – for the first time since 1975. Channel: BBC TX: TBC Source: BBC […]

Greenlit: The Soundtrack of the Twentieth Century, BBC2

The Soundtrack of the Twentieth Century w/t – Popular music is the soundtrack and the lifeblood of what it was to be alive in the 20th century. Until the 20th century music had been a moment – heard once and never again. It became Pop Music when it was captured and amplified by the new […]

Greenlit: Hive Alive, BBC2

Hive Alive (2 x 60′) – In the height of midsummer – the busiest period for Britain’s honeybees – Chris Packham, Martha Kearney and bee expert Professor Adam Hart explore the remarkable secrets of this iconic insect of British summer. The two programmes will be filmed over two consecutive weeks, in the heart of rural England, providing […]

Greenlit: Animal Movers, BBC2

Animal Movers w/t (2 x 60′) – Follows the expert handlers entrusted with moving rare, dangerous and difficult-to-handle animals around the world. With access to a range of specialist companies, zoos and aquariums, the series explores how every creature, from giraffes to bees, has its own unique set of transportation requirements. It will feature the logistical challenges associated with […]

Greenlit: Pipers of the Trenches, BBC 2 Scotland

Pipers of the Trenches (1 x 60′) – A ocumentary that recreates the lost sounds of battle of the heroic ‘Pipers of the Trenches’. Iconic images and memorable written accounts have endured for a century as reminders of the horrors of World War One. But it seemed the terrifying sounds of battle were lost to history […]

Greenlit: Till Death Do Us Part, BBC2

Till Death Do Us Part  w/t –  A landmark documentary chronicling all the women killed by their partners or ex-partners over the course of one year. On average, two women are killed every week in this country by their husband, partner or ex-partner. This vital and ambitious film will tell the human stories behind this […]

Greenlit: Designs on Chelsea, BBC2

Designs on Chelsea (4 x 60′) – Horticultural competition series in which gardeners compete to win a chance to design a garden at the prestigious Royal Horticultural Society’s Chelsea Flower Show in 2015. Channel: BBc2 Producer: BBC Bristol TX: TBC Source: Broadcast

Greenlit: The Bat Man of Mexico, BBC2

The Bat Man of Mexico (1 x 60′) – Documentary that follows bat conservationist Rodrigo Medellin as he follows Lesser Long-Nosed bats as they migrate from Mexico to the USA. Channel: BBC2 Producer: Windfall Films TX: 13th June 2014 Source: C21 Media

Greenlit: The Snow Wolf Family & Me, BBC2 / Animal Planet

The Snow Wolf Family & Me (2 x 60′)  – Gordon Buchanan is set to get closer than ever before to a wild wolf pack, as he explores the lives and habits of arctic wolves, revealing the family secrets of one of our most feared predators. Presented by wildlife cameraman Gordon Buchanan, this series gives us an incredible […]

Greenlit: Inside Country Life, BBC2

Inside Country Life (3 x 60′) – Documentary that follows the staff of Country Life magazine. Channel: BBC2 Producer: Spun Gold TV TX: TBC Source: Broadcast

Greenlit: Highlands, BBC Scotland / BBC2

Highlands (4 x 60′) – Documentary series focused on the Highlands of Scotland, which aims to capture stunning images ranging from red deer of Monarch Of The Glen fame to capercaillies; from the merlins of the summer moors to the tiniest of life on the floor of the Caledonian pine forests, as well as the teeming life […]

Greenlit: Tom Kerridge’s Best Ever Dishes, BBC2

Tom Kerridge’s Best Ever Dishes (6 x30′) – Double-Michelin starred chef, Tom Kerridge creates his ‘best ever’ versions of some of Britain’s favourite dishes, from lush lunches to tasty dinners and weekend specials. In each episode he cooks for a critical crowd in order to persuade them that his dishes are worth the extra effort and really are the […]

Greenlit: Inside Country Life, BBC2

Inside Country Life (3 x 60′) – As the magazine takes steps to celebrate its 117th birthday, BBC Two will take a look inside the famous magazine by following editor Mark Hedges and his editorial team on their daily tasks. Episodes: 3 x 60’ Channel: BB2 Producer: Spun Gold TX: TBC Source: BBC Press Release […]

Greenlit: Lorraine Pascale: How to Be a Better Cook, BBC2

Lorraine Pascale: How To Be A Better Cook (6 x ) – Chef and TV presenter Lorraine Pascale helps unconfident cooks to find their feet in the kitchen. The series sees Lorraine create delicious and deceptively easy recipes for six kitchen novices to wow their friends and family at a surprise dinner party. From a […]

Greenlit: Kew on a Plate, BBC2

Kew on a Plate (4 x 60′) – Michelin Starred chef Raymond Blanc will transform an area of Kew Gardens into a sumptuous fruit and vegetable garden, which will be created on the site of what was once Queen Victoria’s royal kitchen garden. Raymond will be joined by co-presenter Kate Humble, and together they will […]

Greenlit: Foster Parents, BBC2

Foster Parents w/t (4 x 60′) – Observational series that turns the spotlight on the dramatic and complex world of fostering. With access to Dorset social services and foster carers, we follow the amazing human stories of foster carers and their charges alongside the real-life dilemmas of social workers and decision makers. Across the series […]

Greenlit: Beyond Human, BBC2

Beyond Human – Presented by physicist Helen Czerski and biologist Patrick Aryee, this series explores how animals sense their world in ways far beyond our human capabilities. Each episode will focuses on a different sense – sight, sound and scent. Helen and Patrick get up close to some amazing creatures as they travel to five […]

Greenlit: Real Calendar Girls, BBC2

Real Calendar Girls –  Lucy Worsley explores the Women’s Institute. Channel: BBC2 Producer: Silver River TX: TBC Source: BBC press release

Greenlit: Women in Power, BBC2

Women in Power (3 x 60′) –  Amanda Vickery presents a series  looking back at the suffragettes. Channel: BBC2 Producer: Matchlight TX: TBC Source: BBC press release

Greenlit: The World Made by Women, BBC2

The World Made By Women (4 x 60′) –  Amanda Foreman presents a new landmark history series that explores 20,000 years of women’s history. From Empress Wu Zeitan to Margaret Thatcher and Alexandra Kollentai, this epic series traverses the globe to explore the role played by women from the Palaeolithic era to Britain today. Exploring […]

Greenlit: Joann Fletcher – Most Ruthless, Greatest Female Pharaohs, BBC2

Joann Fletcher – Most Ruthless, Greatest Female Pharaohs  w/t (1 x 60′) –   A documentary about four powerful women from ancient Egypt. Professor Joann Fletcher explores important female figures ranging from Queen Hetepheres in the age of the pyramids, through to Nefertari – who has probably the most spectacular tomb of all in the Valley […]

Greenlit: Helen Castor on Joan of Arc, BBC2

Helen Castor on Joan of Arc  (1 x 60′) –  Joan of Arc is a saint, revered as one of the most outstanding women of the Middle Ages. But by viewing Joan as a saint, people tend to forget the extraordinary nature of her life: a 17-year-old girl who came from nowhere and seized an […]

Greenlit: One Hundred Years of the WI, BBC2

One Hundred Years Of The WI (1 x 60′) – Lucy Worsley tells the story of the Women’s Institute in. Rather than a cosy woman’s club full of ladies making jam and singing Jerusalem, Lucy sees the WI as one of Britain’s most important movements of modern times. Arguing that the WI is the political […]

Greenlit: War in Afghanistan, BBC2

War In Afghanistan w/t (2 x 60′) – As Britain finally withdraws its troops from Afghanistan this autumn, this timely series is a thought provoking analysis of Britain’s fourth war in Afghanistan, examining the legacy of the conflict, and the impact on Britain and its place in the world. Channel: BBC2 Producer: Blakeway Productions TX: Summer […]

Greenlit: Britain’s Got the Builders, BBC2

Britain’s Got The Builders w/t (6 x 60′) – Takes a look at the relationship between British homeowners and their builders, featuring projects of all sizes and the things that can go wrong. Channel: BBC2 Producer: Leopard Films TX: TBC Source: Broadcast

Greenlit: Cars of the People, BBC2

Cars of the People  (3 x 60′) – James May looks at the cars that have changed Britain. Channel: BBC2 Producer: BBC TX: Late 2014 Source: Broadcast

Greenlit: The Motorway, BBC2

The Motorway (4 x 60′) – Observational documentary series that features the people who use Britian’s longest motorway, the M6. Channel: BBC2 Producer: The Garden TX: Summer 2014 Source: Broadcast

Greenlit: I Bought My Own Rainforest, BBC2 / Viasat (Central Europe and Scandinavia)

I Bought My Own Rainforest (3 x 60′) – Natural history photography Charlie Hamilton-Jones bought an area of rainforest in Peru in an attempt to save it being destroyed and this series follows the story. Channel: BBC2  / SBS (Australia) / Viasat (Central Europe and Scandinavia) Producer: Keo Films TX: Spring 2014 Source: C21 Media

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