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Greenlit: Animal Review, Animal Planet

Animal Review w/t ( x 60′) –  Emmy-nominated actor and comedian, Anthony Anderson host a weekly comedy- variety series that will celebrate all the amazing ways animals have captivated our hearts, minds and funny bones. Channel: Animal Planet Producer: Comedy Dynamics TX: 2017 Source: Discovery press release

Greenlit: Rise of the Warrior Apes, Discovery Networks International / Animal Planet

Rise of the Warrior Apes (1 x 120′) – Documentary that explores the world of four chimpanzees who control a jungle in Uganda. Platform: Discovery Networks International / Animal Planet Producer: Keo Films TX: Early 2017 Source: C21 Media

Greenlit: Wild Bear Rescue, Animal Planet

Wild Bear Rescue (12 x 30′) – Docuseries that follows a northern B.C. family that runs the only animal shelter in the world legally allowed to rescue and rehabilitate orphaned grizzly bear cubs. The series, set in Smithers, British Columbia, features shelter manager Angelika Langen, her husband Peter Langen, their two adult children, and volunteers […]

Greenlit: Texas Vets, Animal Planet

Texas Vets w/t –  Follows veterinarians, Dr. Diarra Blue, Dr. Aubrey Ross and Dr. Michael Lavigne, who recently moved to Houston to open a full-service veterinarian hospital and animal shelter together. The series captures the doctors’ lives as they juggle running a new business while managing their family life filled with spouses, parents, in-laws, children, pets and friends, […]

Greenlit: The Zoo, Animal Planet

The Zoo w/t – The Bronx Zoo is a world leader in conservation that provides the chance for people to interact with animals and learn about their plight in the wild. It’s also a research haven where groundbreaking work is being performed in order to save wildlife around the globe. For the first time ever, […]

Greenlit: Life of Dogs, Animal Planet

Life of Dogs w/t – A multi-part blue-chip series that chronicles the spectacular, revelatory and definitive natural history of our beloved canine counterparts. From wild wolves to domesticated pampered companions, this series dives deep into the evolution of the species and how, through all of its genera they have been instrumental in the advancement of humankind […]

Greenlit: Million Dollar Duck, Animal Planet

Million Dollar Duck (1 x ) – Dives into the wonderfully eccentric world of the Federal Duck Stamp Contest – the only juried art competition run by the U.S. government. The Duck Stamp is among the most successful conservation tools ever created with 98% of the proceeds going to support the Migratory Bird Conservation Fund […]

Greenlit: Project Grizzly, Animal Planet

Project Grizzly w/t  (6 x ) – Docu-series that takes viewers on a journey with Jeff Watson and his two rescued bears, Bob and Screech, as Watson attempts to return them to the wild where they belong. Watson is a bear trainer – he has lived with and trained grizzly bears his whole life and adopted Bob and […]

Greenlit: I Bought a Rainforest, Animal Planet

I Bought a Rainforest (1 x ) -Charlie Hamilton James is a professional wildlife cameraman whose love of animals takes him to the most remote corners of the planet. Wanting to preserve a part of a delicate ecosystem that is being destroyed, Charlie does something extraordinary – he buys 100 acres of the Amazon rainforest […]

Greenlit: Penn Vet, Animal Planet

Penn Vet w/t – Follows veterinary students at the University of Pennsylvania School of Veterinary Medicine as they learn to diagnose a range of ailments in animals large and small.   Channel: Animal Planet Producer: High Noon Entertainment TX: 2016 Source: Realscreen

Greenlit: Million Dollar Duck, Animal Planet

Million Dollar Duck – Feature-length documentary that dives into the wonderfully eccentric world of the Federal Duck Stamp Contest—the only juried art competition run by the U.S. government. The Duck Stamp is among the most successful conservation tools ever created, simultaneously spawning a uniquely American subculture brimming with talent, ego, art, controversy, big money, and […]

Greenlit: Melting: Last Race to the Pole, Animal Planet

Melting: Last Race to the Pole (1 x 120′) – The North Pole has captured the imagination of explorers for more than 100 years, but fewer than 50 people have ever completed the grueling, dangerous journey unsupported and unaided. And now the Arctic is warming twice as fast as the rest of the globe, so the […]

Greenlit: Dr Jeff: Rocky Mountain Vet, Animal Planet

Dr. Jeff: Rocky Mountain Vet (10 x ) –  There’s no such thing as “a regular day” at Denver’s Planned Pethood Plus veterinary clinic. For 80,000-plus clients and their pets, the clinic and its maverick vet Dr. Jeff Young represent one last hope and possibly the difference between life and death. This series reveals the […]

Greenlit: The Return of the Giant Killers: Africa’s Lion Kings, BBC2 / Animal Planet

The Return of the Giant Killers: Africa’s Lion Kings (1 x 60′) – Documentary documentary film that reunites director cinematographer Brad Bestelink and film photographer Richard Uren to capture more extraordinary wildlife footage in the Savute Game Reserve in Botswana. With its year round water, Savute Marsh in northern Botswana attracts huge herds of grazers, […]

Greenlit: The Last Alaskans, Animal Planet

The Last Alaskans (8  x 60′) – In 1980, the US government banned new human occupation in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in Alaska, a protected area home to thousands of native animals and pristine terrain spanning roughly the size of South Carolina. Currently, only a handful of families spread across seven permitted cabins are […]

Greenlit: Alaska Proof, Animal Planet

Alaska Proof  (8 x 30′)  – In the quest to harness the essence of Alaska into a bottle of vodka, the determined team at Alaska Distillery journeys to the far reaches of the wilderness to harvest the finest exotic ingredients Mother Nature and the Last Frontier have to offer. Expeditions into the bush come at […]

Greenlit: Patagonia: Edge of Earth, Animal Planet

Patagonia: Edge of Earth w/t – Patagonia conjures up visions of the ultimate landscape of the mind. It is a region that varies towering mountains, vast tablelands and prolific seas at the southern tip of the ‘New World.’ This show reveals for the first time the spectacular landscape, diversity of habitats, rich wildlife and remote […]

Greenlit: Predators Up Close, Animal Planet / Discovery Networks International

Predators Up Close (aka Predator and Bait) w/t – Featuring the world’s most renowned, cunning and feared hunters – lions, hyenas, polar bears, and sharks – this new wildlife adventure series teams former Navy SEAL Joel Lambert with various experts to go to remote locations to study these fascinating animals. From the plains of Zambia to […]

Greenlit: Lands of the Monsoon, Animal Planet

Lands of the Monsoon w/t -This landmark blue-chip natural-history special transports viewers to some of the most exotic and mysterious places on Earth – full of the new, the unknown and the surprising. It unveils an extraordinary cast of animal characters of staggering diversity, including iconic tigers and rhinos of the Indian subcontinent and the […]

Greenlit: Lone Star Law, Animal Planet

Lone Star Law  – Everything is bigger in Texas.  Viewers get unprecedented access to the more than 500 agents of Texas Parks and Wildlife wardens who embark on dangerous missions to apprehend those who commit crimes against nature. The series captures the more than 60,000 arrests each year made by the wardens as they execute […]

Greenlit: Animal Black Ops, Animal Planet

Animal Black Ops  – Follows the Office of Law Enforcement, a special unit of the Fish and Wildlife Services. The organization boasts more than 250 special agents and its own forensic laboratory, which supports international investigations of wildlife crimes. The team exists to defend the defenseless and use their world-class skills to guard animals from […]

Greenlit: Curse of the Frozen Gold, Animal Planet

Curse of the Frozen Gold   – For generations, the legendary Lost Creek Mine and its untold riches have inspired men to brave the wild to seek its fortune. However, many of those who struck out to find its gold never returned to tell the tale.  In this show an expert treasure hunter and a […]

Greenlit: Bigfoot Found, Animal Planet

Bigfoot Found   w/t – Renowned mountaineer Reinhold Messner and British scientist Mark Evans journey from the Italian Alps to the Himalayas to New York State in an epic search to find the legendary yeti. Featuring Messner’s survival skills and cutting-edge science,  this show is a visually spectacular, rugged adventure following one of the most […]

Greenlit: Fish or Die, Animal Planet

Fish or Die   w/t – Four diehard anglers and adrenaline junkies are determined to go where no fisherman ever has gone before. Traversing all seven continents in a vegetable-oil-powered pickup truck in search of Earth’s last unexplored waters, they embark on the greatest adventure of their lives. Along the way, they battle parasites, dodge […]

Greenlit: Last North, Animal Planet

Last North   – In February 2014, renowned Polar adventurers Eric Larsen and Ryan Waters began what is considered the most difficult expedition on the planet: traversing the Arctic Ocean from Northern Ellesmere Island to the geographic North Pole with just their hand-drawn sleds and the gear they bring with them. The team traveled unsupported – […]

Greenlit: Living with Maneaters, Animal Planet

Living with Maneaters  (1 x 120′) – In India, the close proximity of human and great predatory cats has created a fascinating and very complex relationship. Perhaps nowhere else in the world is the line between the untamed and the developed so incredibly thin. This special explores the delicate balance among man, tigers, leopards and lions […]

Greenlit: Restoration Wild, Animal Planet

Restoration Wild – A nature build series that captures the mind-blowing magic of Treehouse Masters. The series follows visionary wild man Jay Chaikin and his crew of expert builders and designers as they identify and repurpose the coolest vintage structures and relics left abandoned in the landscape. Jay and his team transform this waste into amazing […]

Greenlit: America Builds a Shelter, Animal Planet

America Builds a Shelter – Animal shelters around the USA are in desperate need of help; they are underfunded and overtaxed but determined not to turn away any animals. Viewers identify deserving animal shelters in need of renovations to help with their noble missions. In each quarterly special, one fortunate shelter receives a complete transformation, […]

Greenlit: Sheriff of Cross River, Animal Planet

Sheriff of Cross River –  Follows Peter Jenkins – Nigeria’s leading wildlife warrior and a cross between Clint Eastwood and Paul Watson. In the extremely dangerous Cross River region, Peter and his team go to any means necessary to ward off poachers, clear cutters and other nefarious human threats from the area’s animal population; including […]

Greenlit: Flipping Ships, Animal Planet

Flipping Ships (6 x ) – In the 90s, Singer Edwin McCain’s passion for music took him straight to the ‘Top 10’ charts, and these days, he’s whistling a new tune.  McCain straps up for a new task, restoring and reinvigorating abandoned, ramshackle boats via his Boats Have Souls business. His goal is to provide […]

Greenlit: 100 Miles From Nowhere, Animal Planet

100 Miles From Nowhere – A series that follows adventurer Matt Galland and his two best buddies, Danny Bryson and Blake Josephson. In each episode, the trio of fun-loving regular guys chooses remote, extreme locations throughout the globe where cameras – let alone people – rarely have gone. Matt, Danny and Blake’s mission is straightforward: […]

Greenlit: Matt on the Run, Animal Planet

Matt on the Run (8 x 60′) – Weekend adventurer Matt Galland and his adrenaline-junkie best buddies Danny Bryson and Blake Josephson venture to some of the most untouched pockets of the planet where cameras – let alone people – rarely have gone. In each episode, the goal is to trek roughly 100 miles in […]

Greenlit: Rugged Justice, Animal Planet

Rugged Justice (6 x 60′) –  Follows Washington State’s Department of Fish and Wildlife Law Enforcement Program as they police the Evergreen State’s unforgiving mountain terrains, twisted rainforest back roads and densely populated coastal areas. In the six-episode series, viewers follow the WDFW Police Officers as they patrol more than 42 million acres of rugged […]

Greenlit: Rugged Justice, Animal Planet

Rugged Justice w/t (6 x )  – Docuseries that follows Washington State’s Department of Fish and Wildlife Law Enforcement Program as they police the Evergreen State’s unforgiving mountain terrains, twisted rainforest back roads and densely populated coastal areas. In the vast terrain of Washington State, Department of Fish and Wildlife Police Officers are on the […]

Greenlit: Meet the Orangutans, Animal Planet

Meet The Orangutans (8 x 30′) – Docuseries that goes behind the scene of the Sepolik orangutan sanctuary in Borneo. Channel: Animal Planet UK Producer: Blink Films TX: TBC Source: Broadcast

Greenlit: Big Fish Man, Animal Planet Europe / Czech TV

Big Fish Man (6 x ) – Docuseries following Jakub Vágner as he sets out to catch a range of super-heavy weight fish around the world. Channel: Animal Planet Producer: Tern TV / Ambition Films TX: TBC Source: Broadcast

Greenlit: Ice Lake Rebels, Animal Planet

Ice Lake Rebels (10 x 60′) – Not all outlaw towns disappeared along with the Wild West. In Canada’s Northwest Territories lays an isolated frozen lake where people reside free from taxation and the rule of law. The inhabitants of Great Slave Lake live entirely according to their own standards; however, their frozen utopia isn’t […]

Greenlit: Monsters Behind the Iron Curtain, Nat Geo

Monsters Behind the Iron Curtain w/t(1 x 120′) – This documentary travels to Russian and the former Eastern bloc to investigate reports of mutant dogs, wild men and the Forest of Lost Souls in Romania. Channel: Nat Geo International / Animal Planet Producer: Pioneer Productions TX: TBC Source: Realscreen

Greenlit: The Snow Wolf Family & Me, BBC2 / Animal Planet

The Snow Wolf Family & Me (2 x 60′)  – Gordon Buchanan is set to get closer than ever before to a wild wolf pack, as he explores the lives and habits of arctic wolves, revealing the family secrets of one of our most feared predators. Presented by wildlife cameraman Gordon Buchanan, this series gives us an incredible […]

Greenlit: Saving Africa’s Giants with Yao Ming, Animal Planet

Saving Africa’s Giants With Yao Ming   – Former Houston Rockets center and NBA basketball star Yao Ming is on a mission to change a 1,000-year-old Chinese tradition and end the trade of illegal ivory and rhino horn in his home country. Now, Animal Planet joins Ming on his mission in a Discovery global initiative to uncover […]

Greenlit: Surviving the Kill Zone, Animal Planet

Surviving the Kill Zone – In the final days of the longest dry season in living memory, more than 65 high-tech, remote-controlled cameras and camera teams capture the wild animals of Zambia’s Luangwa Valley as never before. Thirst has trapped the hungry animals close to the Luangwa River, the location of the last substantial source of water […]

Greenlit: Snow Wolf Family, Animal Planet

Snow Wolf Family w/t – Veteran wildlife filmmaker Gordon Buchanan attempts what no other person has ever done before: immersing himself in a wild wolf pack in one of the remotest places on Earth – Ellesmere Island, Canada. These arctic wolves are naïve to mankind with little to no exposure to humans, so Buchanan must tread carefully […]

Greenlit: Primates: Clash of Kingdoms, Animal Planet

Primates: Clash of Kingdoms w/t – Eric Larsen is just a regular guy from Wisconsin who just happens to be one of the world’s foremost polar explorers. Just last month, he departed Canada to embark on a 49-day adventure across the ice to the North Pole in an attempt to break the speed record for an unsupported trek. Giving viewers at home a […]

Greenlit: Last North, Animal Planet

Last North – Eric Larsen is just a regular guy from Wisconsin who just happens to be one of the world’s foremost polar explorers. Just last month, he departed Canada to embark on a 49-day adventure across the ice to the North Pole in an attempt to break the speed record for an unsupported trek. Giving viewers at home a […]

Greenlit: Redwood Kings, Animal Planet

Redwood Kings –  Uncovers the artistry that goes into turning ancient, reclaimed redwood trees into creative works of art. Creating carvings of animated characters, movie and theme-park facades and even treehouses, twin brothers Ron and John Daniels work side by side at their theming company. It isn’t all a forest fairytale though — things can get splintery […]

Greenlit: Pool Master, Animal Planet

Pool Master  –  Pool Master extraordinaire Anthony Archer-Wills is distinguished for being the best in the world for what he does – designing and delivering the ultimate swimming experience. A master designer and sculptor, Archer-Wills creates pools to look as though they were formed by nature’s hand more than 1,000 years ago. In each episode, Archer-Wills connects […]

Greenlit: Ice Lake Rebels, Animal Planet

Ice Lake Rebels  – The freeze and thaw periods are the two most deadly times of the year on Great Slave Lake in the Northwest Territories in Canada. This series follows a handful of survivalists as they hunt for food, drill for water, trade for necessities and protect their turf. It’s a lawless frozen lake of ultra-libertarians forced […]

Greenlit: Deadly Islands, Animal Planet

Deadly Islands – Large predator expert Dave Salmoni is no stranger to adventure. Having trekked the globe to study predators and their unique environments, Salmoni combines his hands-on experiences in his new landmark series as he visits some of the world’s most remote islands to investigate how and why their native inhabitants have been so spectacularly successful […]

Greenlit: Rocky Mountain Bounty Hunters, Animal Planet

Rocky Mountain Bounty Hunters (6 x ) – The Rocky Mountains, scattered with more than 3,000 miles of dense forests and rocky peaks, create the perfect hideaway for fugitives on the run from the law. In this series, two teams of elite fugitive retrieval agents are in hot pursuit of armed and unpredictable delinquents who’ve […]

Greenlit: Preposterous Pets, Animal Planet

Preposterous Pets (6 x 60′) – Docuseries that features the strange, exotic and dangerous pets that people keep around the world. Channel: Animal Planet Producer: Barcroft Media TX: TBC Source: Realscreen