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Greenlit: The Alectrix, MTV

The Alectrix (6 x ) – series that follows Heather Naylor – the leader of the pop-group The Alectrix – as she and her group mates strive for their big break in the music industry and finally fulfill their dreams of superstardom.  After realizing they have come to a standstill in their career and desperately need a change, Heather decides to bring in music mogul, Joe Simpson, to take over management of the group.  Throughout the season, friendships are tested and rivalries emerge as the girls fight to prove their abilities to Joe and earn their spot in the group.  “The Alectrix” come to realize they may have the talent, drive and dedication to make it to the top, but for these pop divas, that’s only half the battle.

Channel: MTV

Producer: Go Go Luckey Entertainment

TX: 4th June 2013

Source: MTV press release


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