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New MSNBC Documentary Strand: Maximum Drama

MSNBC’s new Maximum Drama series guarantees viewers an all-access pass to places they’ve never been before. The series will include never-before-seen images from inside the chaos. Maximum Drama will expose hard truths and startling revelations with rare and, often times, raw access, proving that real-life drama is engaging, more revealing and sometimes even more frightening than the best works of fiction.

Shoot to Kill: The Ohio Animal Massacre, produced for MSNBC by Minnow Films, is the first film in the series and chronicles the dark journey of Terry Thompson, owner of a Zanesville, Ohio farm where he caged more than 50 exotic animals. Thompson released the carnivores into the wild before taking his own life – a story which drew immediate worldwide media attention.

While America’s top TV networks and cable news companies jostled to get the Zanesville story, Minnow was the only company granted exclusive access to the police officers who hunted the wild animals down and then shot them – killing 48.

The second episode of the series, Profiling Evil: The I-5 Strangler, examines the tangled and warped synapses of serial killer Roger Kibbe. Viewers will watch in real time as forensic psychiatrist, Dr. Park Dietz plays the ultimate mental chess game with Kibbe, who is now serving a life sentence in a California prison.

The season will also include such fascinating stories as an investigation into the human trafficking industry in Sex Slaves: Chicago, as well as the premiere of Ted Bundy’s Death Row Tapes.

Maximum Drama is produced by MSNBC Films. Michael Rubin is Vice President, Long Form Programming for MSNBC. Scott Hooker is Senior Executive Producer, Documentary Production and Development, MSNBC.

For more on Maximum Drama, including clips from the first four hours, go to: docs.msnbc.com

Source: MSNBC press release (via CableU)


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