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Greenlit: America’s Most Secret: Structures, Discovery Channel

America’s Most Secret: Structures – Each day covert operations are initiated at the highest levels of the U.S. government. Although these actions are usually classified, information is often leaked, rumors begin, and conspiracy theories emerge. Throughout the United States, the government’s most secretive agencies maintain locations so sensitive and so covert they sometimes deny their very existence and their true functions. 

This film examines the conspiracy theories surrounding these locations and installations in an attempt to discover their true purpose.

  • Is a government lab on an obscure island off the tip of Long Island hiding life-threatening animal-borne viruses that may have already infected people on the mainland?
  • Could a 1700-mile-long structure straddling the 33rd parallel start a war in space?
  • Is our government practicing weather control in the Alaska wilderness in an attempt to turn weather into a weapon of mass destruction?

Channel: Discovery Channel

Producer: Indigo Films

TX: 21st October 2012

Source: Discovery Channel press release


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