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Greenlit: Abalone Wars, Discovery Asia-Pacific

Abalone Wars (3 x 60′) – Shot in stunning high definition, ventures inside the high stakes game of one of Australia’s most dangerous professions – the hunt for green and black abalone from the ocean floor. In never before seen footage, these extraordinary men and women face off with Great White Sharks, some of the planet’s most hostile waters and battle against the multi-million dollar black market, in their search for the prized delicacy dubbed – abalone ‘gold.’

As the crews put their lives on the line to fish their abalone quotas, illegal poachers attempt to feed the black market, keeping Australia’s fisheries police on high alert. For every ten tonnes of abalone legally harvested, one tonne is gathered in clandestine operations up and down the Australian coast.

Channel: Discovery Asia-Pacific

Producer: NHNZ

TX: 7th November 2102

Source: Foxtel press release


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