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Greenlit: Birth Moms, TLC

Birth Moms (1 x 60′) – An up close and unbelievably personal look into the agonizing dilemma that begins with an unwanted pregnancy – should I give my baby up? This one-hour special focuses on the lives of three pregnant young women living at an adoption center in Utah while struggling with the decision about whether or not to put their babies up for adoption. Tensions run high as this diverse group of women from around the country interact with each other during this tumultuous time. Follow these troubled mothers-to-be on their journey to childbirth while witnessing face-to-face meetings with prospective adoptive parents who desperately want a child and the gut wrenching moment when each birth mom must finally decide if they will give their baby up for adoption.

Channel: TLC

Producer: Gigantic Productions

TX: 17th May 2012

Source: TLC press release


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