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Greenlit: Animal Superpowers, Nat Geo Wild

Animal Superpowers (3 x 60’) –  Hosted by acclaimed actor Sir Patrick Stewart (X-Men, Star Trek: The Next Generation), this groundbreaking documentary series investigates the incredible superpowers of nature’s deadliest animals; from shape shifting octopuses that change the colour of their skin in an instant to salamanders that have the alien-like ability to re-grow lost limbs. The series begins premiering this month on Nat Geo Wild.

The series uses a mix of action-packed location filming following intrepid scientists tracking and catching these extraordinary animals, remarkable footage of extreme animal behaviour, and stunning CGI animation to explore the creatures’ anatomy and biology. Sir Patrick Stewart hosts the series in an immersive CGI-enhanced ‘Animal Ark’, that allows him to interact with detailed virtual models of the creatures to explore the science behind their incredible powers.

  • Extreme Hunters – the teams of scientists explore the super senses of nature’s most successful hunters – the hammerhead shark, python, pit viper and the sperm whale. Pioneering experiments and CGI-animation reveal the secrets of these creatures’ astonishing talents, including the hammerhead shark’s ability to sense the minute electric fields given off by living creatures, which they use to hunt prey.
  • Extreme Killers – reveals the real-life superpowers of the alligator, peregrine falcon and the army ant.
  • Extreme Survivors – the science behind the survival skills of the octopus, electric eel and the salamander.

Channel: Nat Geo Wild

Producer: Windfall Films

TX: May 2012

Source: Nat Geo Wild press release


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