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Greenlit: Hidden Talent, Channel 4

Hidden Talents (6 x 60′) – Members of the public are to realise their previously unknown potential. Each week people with no prior experience will embark on a journey to take their newly discovered Hidden Talent to its limit. Eight participants will discover if they can go from being a total novice to a top class performer in record time.

From rigorous large-scale testing of hundreds of people from all around the country, overseen by scientists and academics, a number of people are found to have special physical, mental, sensory or creative talents – of which they were totally unaware. The Hidden Talent experts then take them on, training and developing them to face extraordinary challenges, which transform their understanding of their own abilities and could change the rest of their lives.

Presenter Richard Bacon follows the progress of each one – uncovering the amazing science which enables these individuals to achieve what others can only dream of, and looking at the real world application of these abilities. These talents range from latent linguistic skills that allow an individual to become fluent in a foreign language in just a few months, to the mammalian diving reflex enabling some people to hold their breath for upwards of four minutes and dive to a depth of 60 metres without scuba gear, or even an extraordinary sense of direction enabling someone to become a Human Sat-Nav, capable of finding their way through an uncharted wilderness.

The tests carried out on potential contributors are designed to assess aptitude rather than skills or knowledge, so viewers can also take part through specially designed interactive tests on www.channel4.com/hiddentalent. Mirroring those in the series, these absorbing and fun challenges are devised in consultation with the series’ experts and give viewers the opportunity to uncover their own Hidden Talent – ranging from memory games and humming tasks to being a human metronome.

Channel: Channel 4 (ad funded by American Express)

Producer: Silver River

TX: Spring 2012

Source: Channel 4 press release


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