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Greenlit: Are You Normal, America?, OWN

Are You Normal, America?A new game show that will help viewers figure out how normal (or not) they are!  Have you ever peeked at your boyfriend’s emails? Or done your household chores naked? Do you and your spouse sleep in separate bedrooms? In addition to ourselves, we also wonder about the people around us: boyfriends, girlfriends, co-workers and neighbors. This lively game show will answer our most burning questions by using a highly scientific and deeply revealing poll, in addition to a “jury” of real Americans, man-on-the-street polling, real life situations shot in the field and in-studio demonstrations.  Each episode will feature contestants who will win big money in their quest to learn if they’re normal or not.  Along the way, audiences will be entertained, enlightened and ultimately comforted by the fact that we’re all pretty abnormal…but that’s what makes life fun.

Channel: OWN

Producer: Harpo Studios / Zoo Productions

TX: 2012

Source: OWN press release


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