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Greenlit: Alsaka: Ice Cold Killers, Investigation Discovery

Alaska: Ice Cold Killers (1 x 60′) – As America’s last true frontier, Alaska is an ideal destination for people wanting to experience the intrinsic beauty of isolated nature – but its wilderness also provides the perfect setting for keeping secrets. People go missing as if swallowed by the elements, but often there’s something far more sinister to blame. This documentary special tells the true story of serial killer Robert Hansen, an experienced hunter who sought the “cold rush” of something more challenging to feed his killer appetite: human prey. 

For decades, Robert Hansen kidnapped and tortured women and flew them out to his remote cabin, where he released them into the harsh Alaskan wilderness only to hunt them down for sport. Choosing his prey carefully, Hansen targeted strippers and prostitutes, transient women where in many cases, the victims weren’t even reported to the police. This film recounts the dozens of murders that Hansen is suspected of committing and tells the chilling tale of the only woman who miraculously escaped the clutches of this sadistic madman.

Channel: Investigation Discovery

Producer: M2 Pictures

TX: 25th January 2012

Source: Investigation Discovery press release


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