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Greenlit: Person to Person, CBS

Person to Person  –  A revival of a ground-breaking interview series  originally created by news legend Edward R. Murrow, which originally transmitted from 1953 – 1961.  Murrow took viewers into the homes of people whose names continue to resonate today: John and Jacqueline Kennedy, Elizabeth Taylor, Marilyn Monroe, Harry Truman, Fidel Castro and John Steinbeck. Viewers saw Robert Kennedy soothing his young children, who had stayed awake long past their bedtimes especially for the broadcast; they also saw Marlon Brando playing bongos with a friend and Sammy Davis, Jr. polishing dance moves. CBS This Morning co-host Charlie Rose and CBS News Chief Foreign Affairs Correspondent and 60 Minutes Correspondent Lara Logan co-hosts the series.

In the 2012 version Rose and Logan bring viewers into the private homes of  musical artists, actors, directors, political leaders and newsmakers. The freedom and spontaneity of the format allows guests to introduce friends and family members and show off items of personal or professional significance. Guests effectively lead the discussion as the cameras capture unexpectedly vivid and touching revelations. Conversation is the primary focus, distinguishing the series from more traditional interview programs and news magazines.

Channel: CBS

TX: 8th February 2012

Source: CBS Press release (via TV Series Finale)


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