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Greenlit: How to Cook Like Heston, Channel 4

How to Cook Like Heston  ( x 30′) – Heston Blumenthal steps into a domestic kitchen to show viewers how to inject a good dose of Heston-style magic into homemade food. In the first episode Heston challenges us with the way in which we cook beef. He confronts the biggest culinary myth of all time: searing a steak doesn’t keep in any juices! The secret to success is his scientific but super-simple flipping technique. Heston provides tips on how to choose the best cuts of beef. He makes the best burgers in town with the local rugby team, and a juicy oxtail pudding, before revealing his secret to enhancing the flavour of mince by building a chilli bonfire in a bowl.

Channel: Channel 4

TX: 4th January 2012

Source: Channel 4 press office


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