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Greenlit: Hook, Line & Sisters, TLC

Hook, Line & Sisters (7 x ) – Docuseries that follows the unusual lives of the Andersons, a family of fishermen who have only three months to brave the Alaskan wilds for pay day. This is an inside look into a little explored territory – the wild, unpredictable and competitive world of deep-sea commercial fishing. Patriarch Dean Anderson is a grizzled sea dog known for his aggressive fishing as much as his salmon hauls. As captain of the Memry Anne, he squares off against rival fisherman, hungry sharks and his own hardworking family. His wife, Susan, spends as much time refereeing familial feuds as managing the family’s finances.

At the center of the action are Dean’s daughters, 26-year-old Sierra and 21-year-old Memry. Sierra has her father’s sea-loving spirit and strives to please him while fashionista Memry has a more tumultuous relationship with dear dad. Both sisters face challenges as female fishers in a male-dominated industry.

Though their trade is unusual, their family dynamic is not. The family faces the same trials as any other – a father who works too much, children who want independence, and the looming threat of financial hardship. Each fishing season they have just three months to go bank or go bust, and must put everything on the line for a successful catch.

Channel: TLC

Producer: Screaming Flea Productions

TX: 29th December 2011

Source: TLC press release


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