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Greenlit: Fat Fighters, Channel 4

Fat Fighters (5 x 60′) – Overindulged this Christmas? Want to get fit once and for all with some of the most outrageous gym trainers known to man? Welcome to the cool, crazy world of fanatical personal trainers in one of London’s most extraordinary gyms for brand.

We go behind the scenes to follow a crack team of four extraordinary personal trainers, battling it out to transform the physiques of those in dire need of their help.

In each programme, The Fat Fighters personal trainers take on new recruits – men and women who feel that this is their last chance to change their bodies for the better. Can these elite trainers, famous for sculpting A-List bodies, give their newest members the biggest physical makeover of their lives?

If anyone can then it’s these four super trainers – meet Matt Miller aka ‘Miller the Pillar’, Dan Corbett the ripped ‘Bad Boy’ trainer, trainer to the stars and founder of the ‘Pussycat Doll workout’ Tamaya Adams and core conditioning expert ‘Ms Red Hot’ herself, Dahlia Mikneviciute.

Cameras will document life inside the gym as the trainers kick their protégés into shape, all whilst vying for more business and competing to get their latest, craziest workouts a prime slot on the coveted gym rotas.

Channel: Channel 4

TX: 3rd January 2012

Source: Channel 4 Press Office


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