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Greenlit: Death Row Stories, Channel 4

Death Row Stories – Most people do not know when and how they will die. Death Row inmates do. They are told the exact day, hour and minute of their death, including all the details, procedures and rituals of their execution.

Over the course of a year director and screenwriter Werner Herzog interviewed a number of inmates in America as they await execution – one has subsequently been executed. He looks into the backgrounds and circumstances of their crimes, but rather than questioning their guilt or innocence, Herzog wants to understand more fully the inmates’ motivations, attitudes and sentiments at a time when they know their lives are ending.

Death Row Stories looks deep into the limits of human experience and focuses on discussions with the inmates in order to discover and identify questions we have to ask ourselves about our own life and death.
Channel: Channel 4

Producer: Spring Films Ltd

TX: January 2012

Source: Channel 4 Press Office


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