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Greenlit: Your Money and How They Spend It, BBC2

Your Money and How They Spend It (2 x 60′) – In a year of spending cuts, the BBC’s Political Editor Nick Robinson examines how our politicians raise money and why they spend it in the way they do.

He asks who gets the most from government and who gets the least, and he challenges our assumptions on what’s fair – asking the rich whether they pay too little in tax, and whether spending is shared out evenly across Britain.

The films reveal the history of how we came to love public spending – and resent footing the bill. And drawing on his experience in the front seat of contemporary political events, Nick exposes the behind the scenes drama as politicians wrestle with their central challenge: how to balance the resentment people feel about an increasing tax bill against the frustration that emerges when the public spending they cherish is cut.

Channel: BBC2

Producer:  BBC

TX: December 2011

Source: BBC Press Office


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