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Greenlit: Jools on London Songs, BBC2

Jools on London Songs – The nation’s favourite piano maestro, Jools Holland, embarks on a personal journey through the streets, historical landmarks, pubs, music halls and rock ‘n’ roll venues of London to uncover a history of the city through its songs, the people who wrote them and the Londoners who joined in the chorus.

Unlike Chicago blues or Memphis soul, London has no one definitive sound. Its noisy history is full of grime, clamour, industry and countless different voices demanding to be heard. But there is a strain of street-wise realism that is forever present, from its music hall traditions through to punk; from the Broadside Ballad to the Notting Hill Carnival. Jools’s journey attempts to identify the many ingredients of a salty tone that could be called “the London sound”.

Channel: BBC2

Producer:  BBC Productions

TX:  2012

Source: BBC Press Office


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