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Greenlit: A Picture of Britain, BBC2

A Picture of Britain (1 x 60′) – This first-hand, eyewitness account charts the extraordinary growth of London and uncovers what the past really looked and felt like, excavating London’s history not just through familiar paintings, but by ranging right across the visual record: posters, cartoons, architectural sketches, maps, plans, photos and film.

In a city that seems ever-changing it’s hard to imagine that just behind the bright lights and glass-fronted shops lies the blueprint of London, a piece of history preserved behind a modern façade.

The programme digs out the unexpected and the surprising – the images that transport viewers back with a jolt to the days when Notting Hill was a racecourse, Peckham a well-to-do Victorian suburb and Marble Arch a place of public execution.

Channel: BBC2

Producer:  BBC Productions

TX:  2012

Source: BBC Press Office


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