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Greenlit: Secret Pakistan, BBC2

Secret Pakistan (2 x 60′) – In the 1990s Pakistan helped create the Taliban to prevent Afghanistan falling under the influence of India, their enduring enemy. A number of middle-ranking Taliban commanders give detailed accounts of how Pakistan, and in particular its security service, the ISI, have helped train, arm and supply Taliban forces that have been killing British soldiers. Other Taliban fighters describe how they and their fighters were, and are, trained in a network of camps on Pakistani soil.

Relations between Pakistan and the US have in secret verged on hostility – explaining why Pakistan was not informed of the US raid that killed Bin Laden – even though publicly Pakistan is meant to be a key ally.

This documentary series hears testimony that Afghan intelligence shared information with Pakistan’s President Musharraf about Osama Bin Laden’s whereabouts in 2006, suggesting he was hiding in a town just 12 miles from Abbottabad – where Bin Laden finally was discovered and killed earlier this year.

Secret Pakistan is made by the same team which made the Bafta-nominated Secret Iraq series for BBC Two in 2010. 

Channel: BBC2

Producer: Quicksilver Media

TX: 26th October 2011

Source: BBC2 Press Office


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