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Greenlit: The Private Lives of the Medieval Kings, BBC4

The Private Lives Of The Medieval Kings (3 x 60′) – The story of the world of the medieval monarchy presented by Art Historian, Dr Janina Ramirez. Many important illuminated Royal manuscripts will be captured on film for the first time, through exclusive access agreed as part of the BBC’s ongoing collaboration with the British Library.  Janina will decode and contextualise the manuscripts and in doing so bring the monarchy of the Middle Ages back to life with the help of library subject experts and curators.

Through analysis of the interplay between image and text, creator and commissioner, object and context, the evolution of the monarchy and art in England will be traced across 800 years between the 9th and 16th century. Dr Janina will argue that the Royal Manuscript Collection not only reflects the medieval world it emerged from, but due to the totemic power of the book in this period, it also shaped it.

Channel: BBC4

Producer: Oxford Film and Television


Source: BBC


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