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Greenlit: The Germans Are Coming, UKTV Yesterday

The Germans Are Coming (1 x 60′) – When Winston Churchill promised to fight on the beaches, on the streets and in the hills, it wasn’t mere oratory – he meant Dymchurch Beach, Penrith High Street and the hills of the South Downs. The Germans Are Coming will chart the story of how the British people braced themselves for invasion and will uncover the plans put in place by the government should the Germans manage to invade UK soil. Using first hand testimony and government information films, the programme will reveal the extraordinary lengths people went to defend themselves and their country and also reveal for the first time astonishing stories of brave Brits capturing German spies.

Channel: UKTV Yesterday

Producer: Epiphany Productions

TX: Late 2011 / Early 2012

Source: UKTV


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