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Greenlit: Fat Surgeons, UKTV Really

Fat Surgeons (10 x 50′) – Docuseries that follows two of Britain’s most sought after Bariatric experts, Mr Shaw Somers and Mr Chris Pring and their patients, on their remarkable journeys as they undergo surgery, cope with the after effects, and try to re-build their lives, whilst battling their food demons.  Each episode explores what life is like for overweight people who are about to undergo a procedure, or have already had an operation and are now living with the limitations and consequences of bad diets and over-eating.

Stories featured include a woman who had a gastric band fitted two years ago by other surgeons, which has since eroded into her stomach. She now needs additional surgery to rectify the problem, before it causes further damage. Other patients include a woman who is super morbidly obese with a BMI of 70, and who desperately needs a knee replacement. To qualify for this surgery she needs to shed 70% of her weight, otherwise she faces spending the rest of her life in a wheelchair. Channel: UKTV Really

Producer: Electric Sky

TX: Early 2012

Source: UKTV


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