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Greenlit: Army Season, BBC4 Online

Army Season Archive Collection Online (40 x )  – As part of BBC4’s Army season, there will be a comprehensive BBC Four Archive collection – forty programmes available on the BBC Four website, exploring the changes undergone by the British soldier in the 20th century.

The archive stretches from the early 1950s through to the 1990s and includes highlights such as the first recorded Trooping of the Colour; peacekeeping in the desert hills of the Yemeni hinterland in the Aden crisis in Soldier In The Sun; and the logistics of providing UN peacekeeping support in Angolain Defence Of The Realm. It provides a fascinating insight into social history and the way our military history has been reported over the decades.

This is the first online collection and launches BBC Four’s enhanced role as the gateway through which audiences can explore the rich heritage of BBC TV programming online.

Mark Urban, Diplomatic and Defence Editor for Newsnight, will introduce the Army collection online.

Channel: BBC4 website

TX: September 2011

Source: BBC


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