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Greenlit: Weed Wars, Discovery Channel

Weed Wars (4 x 60′) – See the now legal business of the country’s leading medicinal cannabis dispensary from the inside.  It is a familiar story: a start-up business, demanding clients and the ever-looming possibility that it could all go belly up…But this is not exactly a typical business.  When California voters passed the Compassionate Use Act in 1996, medical cannabis was legalized igniting a firestorm of controversy and providing an opening to a whole new kind of entrepreneur.

We follow Oakland’s Harborside Health Center, the nation’s largest medical cannabis dispensary serving over 80,000 patients.  The man behind Harborside is founder and executive director Steve DeAngelo whose mission is to provide the best possible product to his diverse client base of patients while using his business as a megaphone to the rest of the country about the full regulation and taxation of medical cannabis.

In addition to DeAngelo and his staff, the series follows the journey of the plant itself from seed germination to harvesting.  Meet the growers and “patient farmers” whose job it is to provide the “medicine” – the buds – that will be eventually be purchased and used by thousands of clients, many of whom feel their lives have been forever changed by the plant.  Due to high demand and reputable quality control, Harborside’s reach has now extended to a second location in San Jose.

From the earnest and knowledgeable front counter staff to the rigorous lab testing of the cannabis to City Hall protests and to the constant police monitoring and security sweeps, Weed Wars offers a look at a world unlike any other.

Channel: Discovery Channel / Discovery Fit & Health

Producer: Braverman Productions

TX: 1st December 2011

Source:  Discovery Channel press release


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