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Greenlit: Richard Hammond’s Journey to the Centre of the Planet, BBC1

Richard Hammond’s Journey To The Centre Of The Planet (2 x 60′) –  Richard Hammond embarks on a fascinating journey to the centre of the planet to investigate how the earth’s machine dominates the modern world around us. Using state of the art technology he lifts the lid on planet earth, peeling back the layers to reveal a machine more complex than anything else in the solar system. A giant 3D virtual earth brings together the latest scientific information from across the world – satellite maps, and sonar and radar images – to show us what’s happening beneath our feet in a way we’ve never seen before.

Viewed from space the surface of our planet appears solid and unchanging – but every day there are at least 50 big earthquakes and 12 powerful volcanic eruptions all over the world. Travelling across the globe, Richard witnesses this extraordinary machine in action, exploring how an enormous energy source buried thousands of miles within the planet affects every second of every day of our lives.

Along the way, Richard takes the plunge in Iceland, in a stunning dive between two continents that stand only three metres apart; travels into the abyss off the coast of California on a deep sea voyage and sets eyes on bioluminescent deep sea creatures in the depths of Monteray Bay Canyon.

Channel: BBC1 / Discovery

Producer: BBC Scotland

TX: Summer 2011

Source: BBC


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