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Tweeting Animals You Should Follow

Are you on Twitter? Obviously you should be following @tvmole on there but there are a number of (funnier, if less useful in an industry intelligence context) other animals you should also be following for those moments when you need a little light relief. Top tweeters include (feel free to add your own suggestions below):

  • @BronxZoosCobra – a young female cobra that staged a break out from the zoo and won instant fame. Now returned to her enclosure but plotting another escape. Sample tweet: “I know the zoo doesn’t like it when you tap on the glass, but I don’t mind it. In fact, feel free to tap really hard. With a hammer even.”
  • @BushHouseMice –  a group of mice living at the BBC World Service’s central London HQ (until the end of 2012, at least). Sample tweet: “Barry is taking through his Advanced Cable Recognition for Rodents course.”
  • @NatHistoryWhale – suspended from the ceiling of the Natural History Museum in NYC, this blue whale has a unique (and surprisingly political) perspective on the world. Sample tweet: “It’s scary when a supposed budget bill trims the endangered species list. Are whales next? http://is.gd/x9txxe”
  • @ObamaDog – The scoop from the White House from Bo. Sample tweet: ‘Make no mistake about it. I am American born and bred. No need for H1B visa. But regular Visa would be nice. With $25,000 limit.”


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