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Greenlit: Saved, Animal Planet

Saved – Sometimes the art of living is all about holding on. And when in peril, help can often come from the most unexpected sources. Occasionally the bond that exists between humans and animals transcends the traditional pet-owner relationship… sometimes the emotional connection between a person and his pet runs much deeper. Saved recollects compelling, true stories where animals have intervened to save people’s lives, but often not in the traditional sense. Told through first-person accounts by the people who lived through the harrowing experiences, SAVED shares incredible stories of animal heroism -both physical and emotional. From a hound dog that convinced a woman to kick a 25-year heroin addiction so she could care for him to a family’s struggle to bring home a puppy that gave their late son the last bit of happiness before he died in Iraq, the animals featured play a pivotal role in pulling humans through their darkest periods and give them a second chance at life.

Channel: Animal Planet


Source: Discovery Communications press office


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