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Greenlit: Afterlife, BBC4

Afterlife (1 x 90′) – And in that decay, starts all new life. Afterlife is an ambitious project revealing the extraordinary science of decay and decomposition, with a unique exhibition this summer.  A life-sized, typical kitchen and garden will be contained in a purpose-built box, which it is planned will go on display to visitors at Edinburgh Zoo, kicking off the festivals period in August.  Visitors – at the event or online – will be able to witness the decay of everyday foods and substances over a two-month period, discovering the hidden beauty and significance of Nature’s ability to recycle the building blocks of life.

Recorded using the latest technology in time-lapse photography and microscopy for a feature-length programme later in the year, Afterlife is presented by Oxford University’s George McGavin (Lost Land Of The Tiger).

Events in the box will be augmented with specially shot documentary pieces exploring wider aspects of decomposition and people’s attitudes to it.

Channel: BBC4
Producer: BBC Productions Scotland

TX: Spring / Summer 2011

Source: BBC Press Office


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