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Dirty Girls

Here’s an article from Christwire that analyzes the trend towards a hipster-offshoot: the dirty girl. Author Stephenson Billings has clearly thought a lot about the phenomenon of girls who:

“…will mimic the deadbeat celebrities she sees on programs such as Entertainment Tonight and Entourage, mocking hardworking people behind her gold sunglasses as she high heels her way out of bed, woken by the itch of pubic lice and bedbugs, spending the few remaining sunlight hours flirting without completion on Facebook and then dining on a cigarette for dinner, followed by a nap and then a night at the clubs and bars. She will wear as little as possible, having already gone several days without underwear or a shower. After a bit of a blackout, we may see her again sitting in the laps of older men in after-hours black brick basements, hoping they buy her an expensive cocktail or a bag of street drugs. In return, these men yearn for the variety of unsafe and anonymous sexual positions she offers, positions that their future wives will never agree to willfully.”

Crickey. Mr Billings has thought about Dirty Girls A LOT… I was always taught in Sunday School that that kind of thing could make you go blind. And heaven help the “future wives….” who appear damned if they do, and damned if they don’t.

Read the full article here.


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