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Greenlit: American Restoration, History

American Restoration ( x 30′) – Docuseries featuring  Rick’s Restorations in Las Vegas, Nevada. Customers bring in their own pieces of history; dusty, oddball artifacts beyond repair – perhaps a 1940’s Pepsi dispenser or a Prohibition-era slot machine – and come away with a restored collectible that looks and performs like new. What’s more, the treasure is often worth a lot more than before.

Owner Rick Dale sees every new project as a unique challenge. It might be a rusty safe with no combination, a vintage candy machine missing hundreds of moving parts, or a company’s iconic paint color kept strictly under wraps. It takes equal parts of craftsmanship and improvisation to transform run-down old eyesores into works of art with their own unique history.

Every item that comes into the shop is filled with history. American Restoration tells the story behind things you just don’t see any more: an early vending machine…a 1950’s air raid siren…a 1940’s U.S. mail box…a 1920’s Conoco gas pump…and dozens more. These treasures make up the tapestry of American culture; for every piece that gets refurbished, a bit of history comes back to life.

Back in the shop, Rick has his hands full running the family business while keeping his crew of outsized personalities in line. The pressure’s on to finish the job flawlessly and on time.

Channel: History

Producer:  Leftfield Pictures

TX: 15th April, 2011

Source: History Channel Press Office


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