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Greenlit: Beverly Hills Fabulous, VH1

Beverly Hills FabulousVH1 has an appointment at the exclusively swanky and ritzy Elgin Charles Salon, which is the only African-American beauty salon located in the heart of Beverly Hills.  The Elgin Charles Salon, owned and managed by the one and only Elgin Charles, is a magnet for the who’s who of celebrity clientele. The self-proclaimed, “Emperor of Hair,” will stop at nothing to globalize his hair empire and secure ‘Elgin Charles’  as a household name by perfecting his formulas for his renowned hair care products and expanding his line to reach the masses.

The series features Elgin who has his hands full with his celebrity studded salon, his three highly skilled, but high maintenance stylists, his ex-wife, comedic actress Jackee Harry and their 16-year-old son Frank, who is an aspiring football star at Beverly Hills High School. Viewers will meet Elgin’s over-the-top styling team, Sean Cameron, an outspoken bleached blonde, the boisterous and outspoken Lolita “Lo” Goods and country-girl-in-the-big-city Katrina Atkinson, who are all just as ambitious as Elgin and add to the madness at the Elgin Charles Salon.

Channel: VH1

TX: 21st March, 2011

Source: VH1


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