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Ford Foundation: JustFilms $50m Documentary Fund

Photo by Borman818 CC BY 2.0

The Ford Foundation have announced a new film fund – JustFilms – which will grant $10m per year for five years to filmmakers making documentaries that  “show courageous people confronting difficult issues and actively pursuing a more just, secure and sustainable world”. There are three different strands to the funding, each of which will receive roughly 1/3 of the money:

  • “Partnerships with major organizations such as the Sundance Institute, the Independent Television Service and others
  • An ongoing open application process that will help JustFilms stay attuned to fresh ideas and stories wherever they may emerge, and
  • Partnership with other Ford Foundation grant-making programs where the introduction of documentary film could help draw attention to an issue or advance a movement”

Filmmaker Orlando Bagwell will be oversee the new fund.

Visit the Ford Foundation for more information.


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