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Developing Factual Ideas

Pitching your TV Ideas: What No-One Will Tell You

Photo by Mohamad ShoOx CC BY 2.0

Do you have a documentary or reality TV idea that you are dying to pitch, but don’t know where to start? Have you tried pitching it and had the door slammed in your face (several times)? Are you frustrated with being fobbed off? Are you losing confidence in your idea, even though deep down you know it’s a great concept? Is is something you did? Or said? Why are the buyers just not that into you? Don’t despair, you’re not alone in your frustration (although it can feel that way)!

Whether you are working for a global ‘super-indie’ production company or are an individual with a passion project there are some simple principles that will increase your chances of attracting channel executives and investors.  The thing is, no one will tell you what they are!

Here’s a quick and dirty run through what you need to know before you set out on your pitching journey:

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