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Development and Pitching 101: Finding Onscreen Talent

Photo by supagroova CC BY 2.0

For many types of TV concepts, the onscreen talent can make or break the show, and so is a key part of your proposal. A presenter or host can:

  • impart information
  • make an argument
  • deliver expertise
  • dispense advice
  • sit in judgment
  • act as viewer advocate

Most TV channel executives say that they are looking out new onscreen talent – this is because they like to find a ‘face’ that can become part of the channel brand. attract viewers. However, it can be hard to get them to look at brand new talent – they normally like someone who already has some TV experience but who hasn’t been overexposed, or who is entering an area with which they are not normally associated.  Other channels will only deal with big name, established stars in order to attract the viewers.

So where can you find talent for your proposal? You could try:

To name but a few.

Greenlit: Developing Factual/Reality TV Ideas From Concept to Pitch, explains the different roles that host/presenters play in different types of TV shows in more detail and how to pitch them to a channel. It also has a longer list of talent-finding resources.

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