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Greenlit: Dr Mosley’s Mind, BBC4

Dr Mosley’s Mind (3×60′) –  Michael Mosley embarks on three immersive journeys to try to understand science’s last great frontier – the human mind.

The mind is one of the most complex things in the universe, for centuries it was believed to be beyond the realms of scientific investigation. But in the last century, scientists have devised ingenious and unorthodox new techniques to unlock its secrets.

Tracing the history of scientific attempts to understand and manipulate the brain, Michael examines everything from risky psychological experiments that would never make it past a modern ethics committee to cutting-edge neuroscience.

He also offers himself up as a guinea pig to explore what science can tell him about himself and discovers that our decisions are not quite as free as we’d like to believe.

Channel: BBC4

Producer: BBC Productions

TX: Autumn 2010 / Winter 2011

Source: BBC Press Office


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