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Developing Factual Ideas

TV Development and Pitching 101: Do You Have What it Takes?

Not everyone who makes it into a commissioner’s office exhibits the ideal qualities for a successful pitch (and that goes for people on both sides of the desk). I’ve attended countless development meetings and I’ve come to recognize the recurring characters who inhabit Development Hell:

  • the overconfident producer who will say anything to get a sale;
  • the insecure executive who doesn’t know when to shut up and talks herself out of a commission;
  • the distracted, irritable executive who keeps checking his Blackberry;
  • the cool, detached exec who rolls his eyes despairingly when his colleague pitches;
  • the painfully earnest woman who agrees with everything anyone says;
  • the executive who meets rejection with brittle positivity, refusing to believe his idea is dead.

Which one are you? Take this light-hearted quiz to find out:

Take an in-depth masterclass in development with Greenlit: Developing Factual/Reality TV Ideas From Concept to Pitch., which has a chapter dedicated to how you can develop the personal skills you need to be successful – and stay sane – in the crazy TV business.

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