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Ignite 5-Minute Talks

Ignite is a global network of events where people give five-minute talks within a rigid format: they must present twenty slides and each slide must automatically change to the next after fifteen seconds. Speakers can talk about any topic except their own business interests. Previous talks have included technology, travel, personal hobbies and passions and the arts.

Intriguing titles from the first London Ignite in 2009 included:

  • Ben Hammersley, The Sex Lives of the Great Renaissance Masters: How the Old Masters and their Mistresses Changed Art
  • Matthew Baker, Diarrhea & Dodgy Doners: What’s Special About Bacteria
  • Ashley Benigno, error(e) 404: Italy as a Country Not Found
  • Matt Clarke, Human Energy
  • Melissa McVeigh, Why Photography Defines Our World

Watch them here:


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