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Greenlit: Welcome to the Worlds, BBC2

Welcome To The Worlds – In March 2010, 5,000 young dancers from around the globe, along with their families and teachers, descended upon Glasgow for one drama-filled week of competition in the 40th Irish Dancing World Championships.

Welcome To The Worlds tells the story of the championships, as dancers clad in wigs, make-up, fake tan, diamante and dresses costing thousands of pounds competed for the coveted world titles.

Award-winning film-maker Sue Bourne was granted access for the very first time to the little known world of competitive Irish Dancing, in which a year of incredibly hard work is realised in just a few tense minutes on stage.

This feature-length documentary goes behind the normally closed doors of Irish Dancing and discovers a remarkable world filled with wonderful characters of all ages from Ireland, Holland, Britain, America and Russia.

It’s a world of dedication, hard work, obsession, and passion, where success and failure depends on pure talent pushed to its limit.

Channel: BBC2

Producer: Wellpark Scotland

TX: Autumn/Winter 2010/2011

Source: BBC


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