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Greenlit: Rebuilding the Past, BBC2

Rebuilding The Past w/t (6×60′) – A  brand-new architecture series, presented by Dan Cruickshank and Charlie Luxton, that brings back to life, brick by brick, some of Britain’s most historic buildings which no longer exist.

Each building tells a unique story, presenting Dan and Charlie with a fascinating detective mission and the chance to uncover the history of the people who designed and adapted them. This is the story of ordinary people’s architecture – and this series is also about the history of British people, told through the buildings that were part of their lives.

Every year, dozens of historic buildings are snatched from the jaws of bulldozers. Rescued by museums, conservation organisations and local enthusiasts, they are painstakingly taken apart and stored away. In each episode, Rebuilding The Past will follow a new team of local experts as they attempt to bring one of these structures back to life – without the help of an instruction book.

The teams will face puzzles and crucial decisions at every step, from choosing the right approach, to layout and building materials. They must work out the history of vernacular architecture from the ground up, interpreting clues as they go and re-learning long lost techniques. The extraordinary buildings featured will include an Edwardian coal-fired fish and chip shop in the North East and a Victorian pre-fab mission church.

Channel: BBC2

Producer: Darlow Smithson

Source: BBC Press Office


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