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Greenlit: Island Parish, BBC2

Island Parish – With the arrival of young Father John Paul MacKinnon to his new post as parish priest on the picturesque island of Barra, this series tracks a year in the life of three Roman Catholic priests who look after the two most remote and southerly parishes of the Outer Hebrides.

As father John Paul adapts to island life, the series watches how the often larger than life islanders take to him.

Meanwhile, on the next door island, Father Roddy, an experienced priest in his mid-forties, keeps a careful eye on his rookie neighbour, along with his colleague, 82-year old Father Calum.

Island Parish delves into the spiritual life of communities where 95 per cent of the population is practising Catholic. Alongside the priests many other colourful characters and stories interweave with the religious elements.


Tiger Aspect Productions, Scotland

Channel: BBC2

Producer: Tiger Aspect Productions, Scotland

TX: Autumn/Winter 2010/2010

Source: BBC


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