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Greenlit: X-Cars, Canadian Broadcasting Corporation

X-Cars (1×120′) – Documentary following a Canadian team of engineers as they attempt to build a fuel efficient car that can achieve more than 100 miles per gallon and compete in the international X Prize competition for the chance to win $10m in prizes. Channel: Canadian Broadcasting Corporation Producer: Dreamfilm Productions TX: TBC Source: Realscreen

Greenlit: Elements, Channel 4

Elements (1×60′) – extreme sports documentary. Channel: Channel 4 / Ad funded by Red Bull Producer: Boomerang TX: Late 2010 Source: TBI

Greenlit: Baking Made Easy, BBC2

Baking Made Easy – It’s time to warm up the oven because Lorraine Pascale is in the kitchen to share her secrets, passion and knowledge and bring baking bang up to date. Lorraine is a new TV talent who quit the catwalk to become a qualified chef, baker and patissier. She has worked in some […]

Greenlit: Welcome to the Worlds, BBC2

Welcome To The Worlds – In March 2010, 5,000 young dancers from around the globe, along with their families and teachers, descended upon Glasgow for one drama-filled week of competition in the 40th Irish Dancing World Championships. Welcome To The Worlds tells the story of the championships, as dancers clad in wigs, make-up, fake tan, […]

Greenlit: Alan at Highgrove, BBC2

Alan At Highgrove –  Alan Titchmarsh joins HRH the Prince of Wales for the first ever in-depth exploration of the vision, spirit and passion embedded in his personal sanctuary, Highgrove. To celebrate 30 years of Royal gardening, Alan has been granted exclusive access to perhaps the country’s most important contemporary organic garden. Meeting a host […]

TED Talks: Long News

Ex-ad guy Kirk Citron’s “Long News” project aims to collate the news stories that will still matter centuries from today. He outlines the project in this TED Talk. Watch the video:

FindaTVexpert YouTube channel

FindaTVexpert the UK talent database has launched its own YouTube channel where you can watch showreels and video pitches of experts ranging from urban gardeners, to vets, psychologists sex therapists and a female priest.


Makmende is Africa’s first viral video star – described by Monocle as “an African version of Shaft, mixed with a bit of Chuck Norris, he is the karate-chopping, damsel-rescuing star”. Makemende first appeared in the music video for Kenya’s  but soon had a Facebook fanpage with 26,000+ fans and topped the Kenyan Twitter chart for […]

Fraudulent Food

Uh oh, another thing to worry about as you set off to the farmers’ market: you might not be buying what you bargained for. Food fraud is on the rise, with honey sweetened with corn syrup, catfish masquerading as red snapper and sheep’s milk cheese made of cow’s milk. New DNA techniques mean that dodgy […]

Country Focus 101: Spain

Next in our tour around the world, we’re visiting Spain for an at-a-glance guide to their TV channels. (Photo by maesejose CC BY 2.0)

Greenlit: The Truth About Lions, BBC2

The Truth About Lions (aka  Lions – The Truth ) (2 x 60′)  – From political intrigue to a complex social system and unexpected intelligence, Jonathan Scott explores the secret lives of lions in greater depth than ever before. With the help of a team of lion scientists, Jonathan (Big Cat Diary) presents an up-close […]

TED Talks: Shukla Bose

Shukla Bose set up the Parikrma Humanity Foundation from her kitchen table, with the aim of taking education to India’s poorest people by educating one slum child at at time. See her talk about her project at TED:

Greenlit: Thoroughly Modern Marriage, Canadian Broadcasting Corporation

Thoroughly Modern Marriage – (1×60′) – A documentary featuring couples in various stages of marriage to find out why people want to get married and what makes them stay together, as well as looking at the enduring appeal of the institution of marriage itself. Channel: Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (Doc Zone) Producer: Dreamfilm Productions TX: Early […]

Greenlit: Alan’s Garden Secrets, BBC2

Alan’s Garden Secrets – Alan Titchmarsh takes a personal journey through the gardens that he passionately believes have most influenced British gardening heritage. From the rigid uniformity of the 17th-century garden, where man’s control over nature was paramount, to the sweeping landscapes of Capability Brown, Alan explores a showpiece garden each week that is a […]

Greenlit: Oceans UK, BBC2

Oceans UK – Following the success of the BBC Two series, Oceans, presenters Paul Rose and Tooni Mahto, are joined by marine archaeologist Frank Pope to take on an ocean closer to home, the Atlantic. The common perception is that the British seas are dark, cold, and dirty, but the reality is very different. Oceans […]

Greenlit: First Life, BBC2

First Life (2×60′) –  In more than 50 years of broadcasting, David Attenborough has travelled the globe to document the living world in all its wonder. Now, in this major two-part series, he goes back in time to the very roots of the tree of life, in search of the very first animals. From the […]

Greenlit: Wild Madagascar, BBC2

Wild Madagascar – Lying just off the coast of Africa, Madagascar is a land of misty mountains, tropical rainforests and spiny desert scrub – and home to strange wildlife, most of which is found nowhere else on earth. Wild Madagascar explores this extraordinary wildlife and the dramatic landscapes of one of the world’s most bizarre […]

Greenlit: The American Dream, BBC2

The American Dream (3×60′) – Of all the phrases used to describe the American ethos, none holds such a powerful grip on the imagination as “The American Dream”. Shorthand for one of the country’s most tenaciously held beliefs and myths, the ideas behind it are an integral part of being American. But what does the […]

Greenlit: K-Ci and Jojo… Come Clean, TV One

K-Ci and Jojo… Come Clean (9×30′) – The R&B siblings attempt to get sober. Channel: TV One Producer: Ultrawave Vision Productions TX: Fall 2010 Source: Cynopsis

Greenlit: Vigilante Inspector, History

Vigilante Inspector (10x ) – Following engineers, Timothy Galarnick and Chad Houseknecht, who are tasked with ensuring the US’s bridges, highways and levees are structurally sound. Channel: History Producer: Original Productions TX: Late 2010 Source: Cynopsis

What the Butler Saw

Eugene Allen, who died in March 2010 aged 90, grew up under segregation in Virginia but went on to to work as a butler at the White House, where he served eight US presidents from 1952. His wife of 65 years died on the eve of Obama’s election, so he had to go to vote […]

Greenlit: Brad Meltzer’s Decoded, History

Brad Metzer’s Decoded w/t  (10x ) – Brad Meltzer looks for hidden codes and symbols in everyday life. Channel: History Producer: Go-Go Luckey and Berman/Braun TX: Late 2010 Source: Cynopsis

Greenlit: Around the World in 80 Ways, History

Around the World in 80 Ways w/t  (10 x 60′ ) – Two rival hosts, Robert Mariano (The Amazing Race/Survivor) and Dennis Anderson, compete to get around the world whilst using 80 different forms of transport, including a chariot, a fighter jet and an ostrich. Channel: History Producer: Original Productions TX: Spring 2011 Source: Cynopsis

Greenlit: Know Your Stuff, BBC2

Know Your Stuff – What goes into the everyday “stuff” we all rely on, from cleaning products to cosmetics?  Know Your Stuff is an addictive new series about the unseen chemistry of modern homes, revealing the ingenious and surprising science behind everyday chemicals and offering a fascinating insight into the products that make up the […]

Greenlit: Spice Trail, BBC2

Spice Trail – Kate Humble goes on the trail of some of the world’s most valuable spices revealing their history, trade, mythology and usage. Taking a journey from the ancient saffron fields of Essex to the original source of nutmeg and cloves in the Far East, Kate reveals the gradual and progressive exploration of the […]

Greenlit: Space Dive, BBC2

Space Dive –  Fifty years ago, Colonel Joe Kittinger became an American hero when he performed a 102,000 feet freefall from the edge of space. Since then, many have tried to jump further and fall faster but none have succeeded; many have died in the attempt. This summer, that boundary will be tested again as […]

Five Hundred Ship Wrecks

Mauritania’s Nouadhibou Bay is home to some of the world’s last Monk Seals. It’s also the resting place of around 500 derelict ships; most of which have been abandoned and reported as sunk to insurance companies. The ships are gradually rusting away, polluting the surrounding ocean with diesel and oil, and creating a hazard for […]

In Development: Phowned!, Spike TV

Phowned! w/t  –  Gag phone call series based on the Elvis Duran Morning Show syndicated NYC-based morning radio show. Channel: Spike TV Producer: Atlas Media Corp / Elvis Duran Group Source: Cynopsis

Greenlit: Men of Rock, BBC2

Men Of Rock (3×60′)  – Professor Iain Stewart traces the story of how the landscape of Scotland revealed to the world how the planet works. A band of pioneer geologists in Scotland were the first to work out the true age of the Earth, measure earthquakes, understand supervolcanoes, discover the ice ages and explain how […]

Greenlit: Stargazing, BBC2

Stargazing – In one of the most exciting weeks of the astronomical calendar, professor Brian Cox looks to the heavens, exploring the skies live on air in a special TV event. In his own inimitable fashion, Brian shows how anyone can be an astronomer, as he encourages the audience to set off on their own […]

Greenlit: Wonders of the Universe, BBC2

Wonders Of The Universe – Having taken on the Wonders Of The Solar System, professor Brian Cox takes the next step – the laws of the Universe. In another epic series, Brian visits some of the most dramatic parts of the globe to explain the fundamental principles that govern the laws of nature – light, […]

Michael Jackson Museum Plans

Michael Jackson’s father Joe and the mayor of Gary, Indiana are planning a museum tribute to the late singer, which is expected to attract up to 750,000 visitors a year to the town. Read more on CNN.

In Development: Haunted Civilisation, Spike TV

Haunted Civilisation w/t  –  Paranormal investigations into some of history’s most famous, and bloody locations. Channel: Spike TV Producer: Half Yard Productions Source: Cynopsis

OK Magazine Celeb Spotter App

OK magazine has developed an app that locates celebrities’ whereabouts by pinpointing popular celebrity hangouts and logging which celebrities are likely to be spotted there. If users of the app upload a geotagged photo of a celebrity they could find their photo featured in the magazine. Read more on The Next Web.

Country Focus 101: Sweden

We’ve already taken a brief look at TV channels in Norway, Australia, Canada and The Netherlands. Now it’s time for an at-a-glance guide to the Swedish TV landscape. (Photo By Let Ideas Compete CC BY SA 2.0)

Lion Burgers and Camel Cutlets Anyone?

A restaurant in Arizona got more publicity than it bargained for when it promoted lion burgers in its newsletter as a tie-in to the football world cup in South Africa: bomb threats. But reporters found a more intriguing story when they tried to find the source of the lion meat – via a butcher called […]

Greenlit: Love Bus, Fiver

Love Bus (10×30′) – Zoe Salmon presents a new dating show that is based on an iconic Routemaster double decker bus, which tours the UK trying to find lonely singles a date from five potential suitors. Each one will have to make an impression before the bus stops at the next stop, where another hopeful […]

In: Kate Teckman, Commissioning Editor Features, Channel 4

Kate Teckman has been appointed as commissioning editor features at Channel 4. She was previously features editor at Channel 4. Source: Broadcast

In: Tina Flintoff, Commissioning Editor Factual Entertainment, Channel 4

Tina Flintoff has been appointed as commissioning editor factual entertainment at Channel 4. She was previously head of factual entertainment at North One. Source: Broadcast

In: Alistair Pegg, Head of Factual, Blast! Films

Alistair Pegg has been appointed as head of factual at Blast! Films. He was previously commissioning editor for factual entertainment at Channel 4. Source: Broadcast

Out: Alistair Pegg, Comissioning Editor Factual Entertainment, Channel 4

Alistair Pegg has left his post at Channel 4 as commissioning editor for factual entertainment and has moved to Blast! Films as head of factual. Source: Broadcast

In Development: Alternative History, Spike TV

Alternative History w/t  –  Looking at what would have happened if JFK hadn’t been assissinated, Hitler had won WWII and other ‘what if’ questions from history. Channel: Spike TV Producer: Flight 33 Productions Source: Cynopsis

In Development: On the Rocks, Spike TV

On the Rocks w/t ( x60′)  –  Business consultant John Taffer attempts to turn failing restaurants and bars around. Channel: Spike TV Producer: 3 Ball Productions Source: Cynopsis

In Development: Weapon X, Spike TV

Weapon X w/t ( x60′)  –  Richard “Mack” Machowitz, a 10-year veteran of the US Navy SEALS, explores whether major historical battles, such as Okinawa, Gettysberg and the Alamo would have ended differently if the losing side had had a ‘weapon x’. Channel: Spike TV Producer: Thom Beers’ Original Productions Source: Cynopsis

Greenlit: I Survived…Beyond and Back, BIO

I Survived… Beyond and Back (6×60′) – Documentary series profiling people who were resuscitated after their heart stopped. Channel: BIO Producer: NHNZ TX: Summer 2010 Source: Cynopsis

Greenlit: Intervention in Depth: One Man Rehab, A&E

Intervention In Depth: One Man Rehab w/t (5×60′) – Examines what happens after an intervention in Intervention, in which people with problems and addictions agree to enter a clinic for treatment. Channel: A&E Producer: GRB Productions TX: Summer 2010 Source: Cynopsis

How to Build a Medieval Castle

French landowner Michel Guyot has been conducting an unusual architectural experiment since 1998 – he’s building a medieval castle in the style of a design by 13th century French King Phillipe-August.  The ­Chateau de Guedelon is being painstakingly built using materials and techniques used in 1200s. Read more at BBC News

Starbucks Enters Its Middle Age

In 2011 Starbucks turns 40, and argues an article in Reason, it’s battling with a mid-life crisis as it tries to reestablish its authenticity and trailblazing credentials.  Read all about it.

Greenlit: I’m Heavy, A&E

I’m Heavy w/t (11 x 60′) – Series filmed at two weight loss programmes, which follows the stories of people who are trying to lose weight over six months. The two different clinics are filmed by different production companies. Channel: A&E Producer: Tiujana Entertainment (South Carolina clinic) / Megalomedia Inc. (Texas clinic) TX: 17th January […]

Greenlit: Scaling Britain, BBC2

Scaling Britain (15×30′) – A new series celebrating the history of architecture and engineering in Britain. In each episode, presenter Dr Jonathan Foyle – an expert and broadcaster in architectural history – will climb the exterior of an iconic structure as he reveals its design, construction and role in the history of British architecture and […]

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